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Animal Collective Applesauce Video

Animal Collective’s New “Applesauce” Video Will Mind F*** You In the Dark

Need a nice dose of psychedelia today? Animal Collective seems to think so – here’s the Indie forebears newest trippy video for your enjoyment. “Applesauce” is the 2nd single from […]


Weekend Track: Incan Abraham – “Panama Dry”

Got some of that new-new for you today. This video comes to us from the fine purveyors of dreamy west-coast psych-gaze, Incan Abraham. They released a new vid today for […]

SOUND ADVICE: 10 Rad Albums Coming Out Soon Lou Jeannot

9 Upcoming Music Releases To Cop (Winter 2013)

I know the snow and cold and lingering guilt from already failing at your New Year’s Resolution, all that stuff is killing you. You’re still nursing that same head cold, […]

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust

14 Photos of David Bowie Not Giving a F***

David Bowie is a cosmic prince. Sent from another planet to teach the world about style and panache, he is far more than the sum of his songs, he has […]


Weekend Track: Toro y Moi – “Say That”

Toro y Moi released a new video this week for “Say That” (Dir. by HARRYS), the lead track from his upcoming third LP, Anything In Return. “Say That” is proof […]

Patti Page

Country Singer Patti Page Dies at 85

The Singin’ Rage, Miss Patti Page, famed country singer of the 40s, 50s and 60s, died in Encinitas on New Year’s Day. Page initially found fame for her rendition of […]


5 Worst Albums of 2012 (That We Kinda Liked)

Best Coast – The Only Place Everything about this album is catchy. It’s pretty ridiculous actually; even the album art is cutesy as fuck. A giant bear hugging the state […]


Best Of 2012: Music Videos

O Youtube. You are procrastination-inducing, the perfect companion to a clutch of kush; endless stacks of videos, an abyss that stares back. 72 hours of video uploaded per minute. One […]


PLAYLIST: 5 Albums For The Mayan Apocalypse

We’ve only got a few days left before the Mayan calendar ends and it rains boiling demon blood from the cracked sky, before glorious trumpet peals herald the Apocalypse has […]


Best Of 2012: Show Posters

Music ephemera comes in all shapes and sizes: handbills, stickers, remixes, flavors of vitamin water. The most treasured are the posters – they get matted and framed (by some) and […]

sufjan silver&gold

Is It Just Me Or Is Sufjan Stevens “Silver & Gold” Super Weird?

Sufjan Stevens is a crazy person. Throughout Silver & Gold, his second multi-volume set of Christmas tunes, we see him diving back into Yuletide minutiae, combing and back-combing the finer […]

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