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Keli Price Is Your New Favorite Person

It is rare to find someone who is so mad talented at such a young age. But Keli Price has been knocking on music’s door for YEARS. And he’s awesome, […]

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Must Follow Person Of The Week: Yannis Pappas

Yannis Pappas is so fun! A stand-up comic who travels the world, he co-hosts “The Morning Show” on Fusion Network and co-founded the comedy production company Ditch Films. But our […]

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Must Follow Person Of The Week: Kevin James Doyle

Kevin James Doyle is a “must follow” in our book. He shows us why with his “comedy that never sleeps” and his insane sense of humor on Twitter. While his […]


Drag Queens Reading Obituaries Is Your Next Guilty Pleasure

Have you been looking for something to brighten up your week? Well, how about your life? Mike Kelton has always been one of our favorites, and last week he launched […]


Must Follow Person Of The Week: Aidy Bryant

Aidy Bryant is seriously so much fun. If you’ve been missing her on the last couple of seasons of SNL, she’s a hoot! She does some fun accents, and her […]


Must Follow Person Of The Week: Chelsea Davison

Not sure how we’ve missed this little gem, but we have found the next incredible person that EVERYONE should be following on Twitter. I’ll go ahead and attribute this find […]

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Must Follow Person Of The Week: Ronan Farrow

This week has been crazy for the Farrow family. More specifically, Mia Farrow announced earlier this week that Ronan Farrow–who has always been assumed to be her ex husband Woody […]

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Ethereal Tranquility With Julia Holter

Julia Holter has the most ethereal quality to her music. She makes us feel like we’re surrounded by pixies every second of every day. She’s talented, fun, and her music […]

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A Ruckus With Rob Corddry

You know him, you love him, we love him and we love this interview with SO favorite Rob Corddry. Let’s give you a little rundown. He was in 2003’s Old School. […]


Must Follow Person Of The Week: Grace Helbig

It is absurd how much we love Grace Helbig. Not only does the background on her Twitter account rule, but she’s one talented vlogger. “Daily Grace” is her Youtube channel, […]


SO Midwest: Getting To Know Grand Marquis

Discovering the musical talent in this country one area at a time, we came across a phenomenal band called Grand Marquis. A blend of middle America and southern jazz and […]


Must Follow Person Of The Week: Blaine Capatch

We just can’t get over how giggle-worthy Blaine Capatch is. He’s been around long enough to show us that he’s got staying power, and if you don’t believe us check […]


Must Follow Person Of The Week: Moshe Kasher

We love Moshe Kasher. If you hadn’t already sensed that in our recent interview with the comedic genius, you might get the gist when you read through his Twitter account. […]

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