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Jon Stewart Is Going On A Short Hiatus, Sobbing Ensues

Jon Stewart will go on hiatus from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” beginning in June in order to direct his first feature film, entitled Rosewater, which will be produced […]


Self-Reflection: Twenty Authors Draw Themselves

It’s easy to gain an idea of a writer’s personality through their writing in ways a jacket photo just can’t convey. But when an author draws a self-portrait it’s fascinating […]


Between Two Ferns: Oscar Edition

The Twitter-Tumblr-Blog world might actually explode today. Zach Galifianakis’s brilliantly surreal Funny or Die talk show Between Two Ferns has returned from a long hiatus with a jam-packed episode. If you’re […]


Comedy Bang! Bang! To Return? This Deserves An Extra Bang!

After making host Scott Aukerman sweat for a few months over the possibility of a second season of his surreal talk show Comedy Bang! Bang!, IFC has announced that it will […]



The podcast takeover of television is moving ahead on schedule if, uh, quite slowly. After Comedy Bang Bang! was re-tooled as a brilliant, surreal talk show on the Independent Film […]


30 Rock Is Dead. Long Live 30 Rock!

Tonight is the season, and series finale of NBC’s groundbreaking “30 Rock.” Tonight at 8/7c Liz Lemon, Jack Donaghy, Tracy Jordan and all their friends will treat us to one […]

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Best Of 2012: Albums

2012 has been a banner year for quirky, alternative bands. Sure, your Katy Biebers or Adele Aguileras are still selling albums like flapjacks, but smaller, indie-minded artists have achieved much […]


Save The Date: MaxFunCon 2013

If you’re looking for something to do in the summer of 2013, you might consider heading to Maximum Fun’s MaxFunCon West, from May 31st to June 2nd. A festival organized […]


Best Of 2012: Most Entertaining Movies

I should preface this list by apologizing—I haven’t seen some of the most acclaimed movies of this year. So movies that could have made this list—Holy Motors, This Is 40, […]

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Rob Delaney ‘Live At The Bowery Ballroom’ Review

Rob Delaney is a Twitter success story. A largely unknown comedian and writer during the mid-2000s, Delaney took to Twitter with aplomb. His prolific output of profane and hilarious tweets […]

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Interview With Steve Agee

Steve Agee is one of our favorite stand-up comedians. Though he’s probably best known as Brian Posehn’s husband on The Sarah Silverman Program, his career has been varied and interesting. He’s […]


The Must Follow List For All Things Election 2012

Tomorrow is Election Day. Across the nation a hundred million Americans will choose senators and representatives, define their states laws (Colorado and Washington could legalize marijuana, while Maryland, Washington, Maine […]


These Cats Just Got Real

The amount of effort it must take to train cats to do anything other than look at you with disdain and/or lick themselves makes this cat circus one of the […]


Disney Takes Over LucasFilm, One Step Closer To Taking Over World

In a surprise move on Tuesday, Disney announced their acquisition of Lucasfilm for a reported $4.05 billion in cash and stock. The sale includes the rights to all Lucasfilm properties […]

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