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Best Longreads of July

So much happened in July, from the George Zimmerman trial coming to a close to the birth of the Prince George of Cambridge (aka the royal baby).  The month’s best Longreads include […]


Best Longreads of June

June marked the official start of summer, but the month’s best Longreads were by no means light reading for the beach. We read about a face transplant, soldier suicide, the […]


#tbt Interview With Amy Schumer

This interview was originally posted on April 22, 2011. Let’s throw it back with Amy Schumer! You might recognize Amy Schumer from “Last Comic Standing,” “30 Rock,” her “Comedy Central Presents” special […]


Best Longreads Of May

We were shocked this month to find out we’ve been playing Monopoly wrong our entire lives and fascinated by a first person account of what goes on in the mind […]

Astronaut Theatre

SO LOL: Astronaut Theatre Sketch Comedy

Take our advice and save the date every 3rd Saturday of the month because the Astronaut Theatre Sketch Comedy group is the funniest, most entertaining show you’re likely to see […]


YouTube Comedy Week

The Big Comedy Show kicks off the first-ever YouTube Comedy Week tonight at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST. The variety show will stream live, featuring acts from Vince Vaughn, Seth […]


Addicted to Dots

Meet Dots, the newest iOS game to launch out of Betaworks by Hacker in Residence Patrick Moberg. In its first week of release, Dots was downloaded 1 million times, became […]


Best Longreads of April

After a long winter, spring is finally here – but that’s no reason to slow down on your Longreads. Our five picks this month deal with everything from making history in the […]


SO Tribeca Film Festival: ‘Lil Bub & Friendz’

VICE’s new feature documentary about the world’s most photogenic cat on the internet just premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, but lucky for the cat-meme crazed Internet, “Lil Bub […]


The 10 Best Helmets In The Game

I have a weird obsession with helmets. I just think they’re… cool. Maybe it’s the mystery factor they bring to the badass people/characters that wear them. Or maybe I’m just […]


10 Things You Need to Buy On Etsy Right Now

There’s something for everyone on Etsy, whether you’re into vintage fashion or searching for something a bit more unique, like this. We know you can get sucked in for hours […]


The 5 Best iOS Games

Portable gaming has come a long way since the days when we used to play Tetris on our TI-89 graphing calculators. With hundreds of thousands of apps in the App […]


Best Longreads Of March

We at SO have always loved what Longreads is doing which has inspired us to frequently featured our favorite longreads of each month, from Slate to Vanity Fair to The […]


Top Five Twitter Parody Accounts You Should Be Following

Part of the beauty of Twitter is how easy it is to create a fake account. We’ve seen accounts created even before an award show ends or a storm hits. […]

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