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Comedians help us through dark times and bring laughs when it seems like a smile is hard to come by. Comedy itself can act as an escape for us all, from the unhinged madness that is our country in its current state. Comedians are also some of the smartest people around. Along with having to deal with the daily sadness and heartbreak – just like us all – they have to create laughs. They have to do their job. That task alone seems like an extremely hard mindset to continually have to live in. They also have to give their energy daily, on stage or in the writers room or running a TV show. This isn’t about the stand up’s struggle. People all over the world are struggling in ways we can’t imagine. This is about how comedians help us fight that struggle and an appreciation for it. 

Comics are leading the way in the standing up for what’s right, standing up for truth, and fighting the many battles every day that need to be fought. With social media platforms, comedians have become activists. They use their wide audience to share ways to help, donate, get involved, and show us we can all be stand ups, even if we aren’t comedians. 

This list could include many more names. This is just a sample plate to get you going. In no particular order are 8 comedians who have a large audience, work non-stop, and still find a way to be leading activists every day. They use the words we are all trying to put together in our mind when we are often left speechless. To get all the goodness, follow them on IG and Twitter. Get inspired, get involved, find your way of activism, and of course, don’t forget to laugh.   

Chelsea Handler


Amy Schumer

The only way out of this nightmare! Repost. Tell your friends. We need all of us! Let's go!

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March like everyone's watching

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Kumail Nanjiani


Giulia Rozzi


Jimmy Kimmel


Travon Free


Aparna Nancherla 


Sarah Silverman

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Just curious not gotcha-ing…

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