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I don’t know about you but I’m ready to plop myself down next to a box of lotion facial tissues and a glass of dessert wine as I watch the very last episode of “30 Rock” tonight. Why? Why? Oh, why does it have to end? I will miss all those TGS characters that we’ve grown to love over seven seasons. Kenneth, Pete, Jenna, Tracy, Frank, Jack, Liz and so many others have touched our flippant hearts and kept a smile on our smug faces. “30 Rock” has aired all over the world from Macedonia to Trinidad and Tobago. The show and its cast have received wide critical acclaim and have been rewarded with the Peabody, the Golden Globe, Writer’s Guild of America Award, TV Critics Association Award , the SAG Award, the Emmy and more. I’d like to leave you with a video that answers why it all had to come to a close from the star and creator herself Tina Fey. The last flicker of magic happens Jan 31, 8/7c.


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