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There is a delicate comedy seed growing in the quaint San Gabriel town of Monrovia and I had the good fortune of witnessing the germination. Once a month comedian Adam Cozens rounds up a talented group of fellow comedians and invades the Friends Cafe coffee house with his BIG DOIN’s Comedy Show in Old Town Monrovia. If you’ve ever been to Downtown Disneyland imagine that and then throw in coffee, comfy couches and COMEDY. Being a coffee house and all, the atmosphere is very relaxed and Adam is the most welcoming of hosts.

The evening I attended the lineup consisted of Joe Welker, J.C. Currias (The Good, The Bad and The Sloppy College Comedy Tour), Claudia Cogan (“Last Comic Standing”), Eric Barnes (filmflimflammery.com), and Matt McCarthy (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “Louie”, “YMIW”). Some of my favorite moments from the show included the untimely interruption by the most blonde baby heckler ever (much to the chagrin of JC Currias), Claudia Cogan’s spot on call-out of an audience member who assumed the false identity of “Steve,” and Matt McCarthy’s hilarious critiques of innocent bystanders walking past the coffee shop. This was the fourth installment of the Big Doin’s show and its sure not to be the last. Be sure to check out this FREE show monthly and get your mocha on.

Adam Cozens

Joe Welker

Matt McCarthy

Claudia Cogan

Matt McCarthy

Eric Barnes

J.C. Currias

Check for Big Doin’s show updates at bigdoins.tumblr.com. Blaze with Adam, Joe, J.C, Claudia, Eric, and Matt on Twitter @Adam_Cozens, @joe_welker, @JCstandup, @blaudiablogan, @ThatEricBarnes, and @mccarthyredhead.


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