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After making host Scott Aukerman sweat for a few months over the possibility of a second season of his surreal talk show Comedy Bang! Bang!, IFC has announced that it will indeed re-unite Hot Saucerman and bandleader Reggie Watts. In a show of confidence in the show’s weird sensibility, the second season will feature twenty episodes –double that of the first season.

To celebrate let’s run down some of the best clips from the first season.


Zack Galifianakis and the gang imagine what would happen if dogs could talk. Wouldn’t that be hilarious? No seriously, wouldn’t it be?



The CGI machine in the studio goes off, revealing that Comedy Bang! Bang! is filmed entirely on a green screen. This causes a few…problems when celebrity chef David Cross tries to share his famous payaya recipe. 



The official Comedy Bang! Bang! reference-ee gets a little too whistle-happy when Scott tries to interview Paul Rudd.



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