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Holy Big Shiny Ball Drop, folks! Its 2013! Can you believe it? We survived the Mayan curse and the Fiscal Cliff. Good for us! I happened to ring in the New Year with a viewing of the absolutely insane Eric Andre New Year’s Eve Spooktacular program. My best summation of this hilarious train crash would have to be “WTF?” If you are unfamiliar with Adult Swim’s homage to 1980s public access talk shows you must set your DVRs STAT. Hosts Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress bring to the viewing audience a smorgasbord of the worst “celebrity” interviews, sketches, candid camera footage, amateur acts, non sequiturs, prat falls, extemporaneous settings and overall stage carnage which all happen to be executed with the utmost comedic finesse imaginable. And, of course, for NYE the team took their show to a whole new level of insanity. I list for you ten highlights of the magical evening:




Demi & Andre 

1. Guest Demi Lovato is handed a plate of spaghetti to consume as Eric compliments her appearance, noting “Next to you I, at best, look like Jar Jar Binks if he was a burn victim and Hannibal, at best, looks like Bunsen from the Muppet Show if he was in black face.”  Demi’s response is a confused “Really?

2. This hilarious exchange between “Apprentice” star Omarosa Manigault and co-host Hannibal:

Omarosa: Did you just eat out of my plate?”

Hannibal: Huh?

Omarosa: Did you wash your hands?

Hannibal: It don’t matter if I washed my hands or not cuz I just washed the thing that I got. I didn’t rub my whole hand on the meal. I just touched the thing I had. So I’m the only one in danger.

3. Omarosa (clearly annoyed by Eric’s behavior) wonders why she’s not being asked questions “since its an interview show”. Andre responds with a quip about how the name Omarosa sounds like “one of those old German warships. The Omarosa is sinking!” Omarosa quickly retorts “Not as bad as your ratings.”

4. An honest to goodness “serious” question about drone attack victims in Pakistan is posed by Eric to Omarosa. She starts to respond but is subsequently interrupted by the spinning of the Luther Vandross wheel.

5. A large dude tackles Andre to the ground during his Omarosa interview and wrestles him while real Kevin Sorbo whisper-sings “Chicago.”




6. The 11:58:30 awkward silence moment for hostages while Hannibal Buress chomps on lettuce.

7. A moment of blindness for all the cool hostages as Andre is pepper sprayed in the face and subsequently sports dark sunglasses indoors.

8. Midnight countdown to Happy Rosh Hashanah followed by a second countdown to 12:06 (while Eric downs a bottle of pills).

9. Crew members unveil Mayan outfits and brutally sacrifice Eric as he thanks his guests.




10. Last but not least here are the lyrics to the Spooktacular New Year’s song sung in direct conflict with the youngster band Pinkle Tank:

Hey everybody! It’s that special time.

When ghouls and goblins

ghosts and mimes

Come alive and dance

and have a great time.

It’s that special time.

When there’s no forgiveness.

You know what you’ve done is wrong.

Its that New Years time!

The spookiest time of the year

So come along with me

Even Hannibal’s here.

Let’s celebrate the New Year!

The Year of the Rooster.

Don’t forget your hats

‘cause it the spookiest—




time of the year.

Happy New Year everyone from everyone at SO!


SO Note: Watch The Eric Andre Show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim and the entire episode here. Check out their website here. Follow Eric @ericandre. Follow Hannibal @hannibalburess.