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Friday Stupidity: Four Whoppers Fit In My Clavicle

Welcome to“Friday Stupidity,” a glance into something stupid I did this week. Trust me, there’s always something. This week I answer the age old question: How many Whoppers can you fit in your clavicle?


Four Whoppers in my clavicle

It started with this post on Instagram. Some assumed they’d be seeing a BK Whopper, which while delicious would probably a lot messier. At least with the candy you don’t have ketchup or mustard to worry about. I shared this stupid photo on Facebook and Twitter and now, apparently people want to see more. 

So began my the “How many _____’s can fit in my clavicle?” experiment. First, the rules:

1. The items (this first round happened to be snack foods) have to fit in the divot on their own. No resting against my neck. They must balance inside the little canyon.

2. I have to be able to place the items there myself, without help. This is a one-man operation we have going on here.

3. I must be able to take the photo myself. Sure, I could’ve potentially fit FIVE Whoppers in my clavicle, but as soon as I moved to take the selfie, one of them would roll off. This became part of the challenge.


Grapes in clavicle

Whoppers are by design round. As all balls should be, they’re smooth, which makes it an extra challenge in the balancing game. Grapes on the other hand are different sizes and even very in shape. Since I refuse to eat small or squishy grapes… four. The answer is four grapes can fit in my clavicle.



What’s a night of late-night snacking without a little popcorn? And what’s a little popcorn without fitting it into a random part of your body? This one was much more of a tetrisy game. These little suckers rolled off me more than the round balls ever did. However they were more stackable. Mostly I just ended up with popcorn crumbs in my bed, but eventually came to the conclusion that I can fit 10 ½ popcorn kernels in my clavicle.

Gummy Bears

Gummy bears

The easiest of the snack foods I balanced was by far the Gummy Bears. Coincidence that they’re also the most delicious? Their slightly sticky texture, plus the groves and indents in the candy themselves made them much easier to balance than the other foods. While that red one on top might look like it’s resting against my neck, don’t worry, that’s not the case. (That would be against rule #1.) It is in fact balancing on top of this yummy pyramid. So the answer to this final challenge is 12. I can fit 12 gummy bears in my clavicle.

This concludes the stupidest thing I’ve ever done with food. All snack items were harmed in the making of this experiment. Stay tuned for next week’s Friday’s Stupidity. Who knows what it might be!

Curious how many of your favorite snack items can fit in my clavicle? Tweet me your suggestions. Sure, it’s no Food On My Dog, but it IS really stupid.

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