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It’s no longer a thing of myth. The first episode of Jonah Raydio now lives within the podcast enclave nestled under the Nerdist umbrella. The alt comic juggernaut, Jonah Ray, melds music, comedy and quasi-interview into a Jonesy’s Jukebox-esque “radio” program. Listeners are strongly encouraged to submit their records, CDs, mp3s or music links and the “best” are proudly played and dissected on the podcast. The first episode labeled “Episode 2” opens with an acoustic submission created by Jordan Enter (your guess is as good as mine), a fan who pointed out that the song had been recorded while his wife was asleep in the room. Whether this stays the “theme song” remains to be seen. The featured guest of the flagship episode, Greg Heller, is a talented comedy writer and former music journalist/musician whose music knowledge perfectly complemented Jonah’s comedic sensibilities. Also joining Jonah and guest was the SO favorite, director Neil Mahoney and show producer, Cash Hartzell.

One of the elements of the podcast I hope figures strongly in upcoming episodes is the “Internet music” section. Some of the most beguiling Internet songs chosen for this episode included  “Hot Cheetos and Takis” by Y.N. Rich Kids, Dr. Smith’s  “Zombie Bitches Kicking People’s Ass,” and Daniel Tosh’s favorite prodigy, Krispy Kreme, doling out his latest rap, “Halloween”. Highlights of the “Episode 2” that tickled my funny bone were Jonah’s story about first excitedly discovering Guided by Voices and subsequently finding out they already had several albums out; Heller discussing the numerous bands he’d been in, including subterranean metal one named Tubesteak; Neil Mahoney’s gruesome tale of getting clocked at a The Jesus Lizard concert by David Yow’s microphone on his birthday. The best part of all was reading the podcast’s comment section and discovering Chris Hardwick himself had written “Even I didn’t know this was going up!! NOW what am I going to harass him about??” Please keep your eye orbs on alert for the next installment of Jonah Raydio at a Nerdist near you and please take into account what Jonah said “As always, sorry for the first episode.”


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