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I’m sure you guys think that all of us down here at Serial Optimist International Headquarters & Gift Shop just walk around all the time whistling jaunty tunes and doffing our hats to passers-by. And you would mostly be right. But of course, the gamut of human emotion is a wide one, and we all get bummed out sometimes. Fortunately, there are artists like JSalvador out there to help us enjoy the emo side of life with SuperEmoFriends.


The Big Lebowski

I recently worked a small comic book convention in Oceanside, CA, and aside from acquiring some Sgt. Bilko comics I needed, it was kind of a drag. Luckily, JSalavador was there selling prints of his SuperEmoFriends. Had I the money, I would have taken them all, but as it is, I brought home the Big Lebowski one, which now hangs proudly over my bed in memory of Theodore Donald Kerabatsos. Check out these prints below and then wing over to JSalvador’s Etsy shop and load up some for yourself, your friends and your family for this holiday shopping season. And dry those eyes.





raising arizona

Raising Arizona

neverending story

NeverEnding Story

breaking bad

Breaking Bad



The Cap’n


Fast Food Felons


SO Note: Follow JSalvador on Instagram @superemofriends and visit his Etsy store here!