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The whacky and hilarious Maria Bamford is about to release a new direct-to-fans special called “Maria Bamford: The special special special.” The one-hour “anti-special” will premiere November 28. Maria will be performing stand-up in her living room in front of her parents, Joel and Marilyn. A more intimate audience you cannot find! Jordan Brady directed the video and was executive produced by Bamford herself, Bruce Smith of Omnipop and Chill.com executives Marc Hustvedt, Brian Norgard and Jesse Albert. The hi-def video will be available for download for $4.99 through Chill.com’s new direct-to-consumer platform “Chill Direct”. We cannot wait for the madness to ensue!


SO Note: Deborah Thomasian is the West Coast Editor for Serial Optimist. Follow her @SOoooohaha.