Now This Is How You Respond To A Hacked Email
Mark McConville

Now This Is How You Respond To A Hacked Email

Actor and comedian Mark McConville is a genius. Then again, if you listen to SuperEgo, the popular, hilarious podcast, which he’s a founding member of, you already know this. Yesterday Mark tweeted this…

“Today, Dave Anthony’s email got hacked. I took the liberty of writing insane e-mails to the hacker. Please enjoy.”

Click on the top message and then scroll to the right to see the fantastic thread as he strings the Pilipino hacker along. My favorite responses from Mark are “Between my rent, the alimony payment to Tammy, my ex-wife (but current lover), and the tickets I just bought to a three-day five-night bullfighting symposium, I am pretty much out of money.” And “You still have a hidden key under that statue of Ulysses S. Grant’s butterchurn, yes?”




Do yourself a favor and read the rest of it here on Mark’s Tumblr page.


SO NOTE: Check out more genius comedy at and keep an eye out for an interview with the guys coming this fall! Follow Dave Anthony at @daveanthony and Mark @markmcconville.

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