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Five Seconds Til The End Of The Internet: The Last 5SF

5-Second Films has been bringing us short films that are…uh, 9 seconds long? 10? I’m no good with numbers, but anyways, they’ve been bringing us all quality short films every […]


Best Of 2013: The 5 Best Comedy Shows I Saw This Year

If you’re anything like me, you live in San Diego, California. You live here because you want to live in an actual city but not like an actual big big […]

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ICYMI: ‘The Most Common Ways For Elves To Die’

It’s almost Christmas, which means we are focusing our content on winter-y things! Glitter, snow, and lights are at the top of that list. So, needless to say, when we […]


The Answer Is Maeby: Concerned Over Christmas

The Answer is Maeby is an advice column run by a street smart, ham-loving pooch with a positive outlook on life and a desire to help humans.


Kyle Dunnigan: F*** You, Mistletoe

Comedian Kyle Dunnigan’s original character “Craig” is releasing a Christmas album. Craig’s All-Star Rockin’ Christmas, You Guys! is a collaboration between Kyle and longtime friend and music producer/songwriter, Jim Roach. While the […]


Coffee Break

Happy Coffee Break, everybody! Here are some of my favorite stand-up clips to help you through the next two weeks of holiday insanity. This week features some folks you might […]


Stand Up to Cancer Ugly Sweater Campaign

Written and produced by Pardis Parker, Stand Up to Cancer and the Jash team have joined forces for the 2nd Annual Stand Up to Cancer Ugly Sweater Campaign. Vote for Sarah Silverman, […]

Neal On The Road

“Neal On The Road” – Two Minutes Of Silly, Dumb Fun!

I doubt comedian Grant Lyon would mind me calling his new web series “Neal On The Road” dumb, because I mean it as a total compliment. The series follows a […]


Weekend Links: What The SO Staff Read

Good Monday to you. Here’s what the Serial Optimist staff read this week… Open Letter To Crop Tops Meredith – “So, apparently I’m not the only one who can’t stand […]

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Must Follow Person Of The Week: Yannis Pappas

Yannis Pappas is so fun! A stand-up comic who travels the world, he co-hosts “The Morning Show” on Fusion Network and co-founded the comedy production company Ditch Films. But our […]


Friday Stupidity: Four Whoppers Fit In My Clavicle

Welcome to“Friday Stupidity,” a glance into something stupid I did this week. Trust me, there’s always something. This week I answer the age old question: How many Whoppers can you fit […]

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New “Ralphie” Web Series Won’t Shoot Your Eye Out!

Ever wonder what happened to Ralphie after his shenanigans in “A Christmas Story“? No? Well, sometimes we thought about what he’d grow up to be like! Apparently we weren’t the […]


My Mom Bought Me A Cock Ring & Other Non-Lessons

What you are about to read is not a fever dream. “The lady said those ones are thirty-two dollars,” she explains, pointing at a wall of rubbery cock rings, all […]


Above Average’s Podtoons Is Fun Cute Smiles

Podtoons is a fun, animated web series from Left Handed Radio and Above Average. Left Handed Radio is an audio sketch comedy show written and performed by Adam Bozarth, Matt Little, Anna Rubanova and Brett White, […]