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The Pete Holmes Show” is finding its way, but while people are still getting used to the water there is one definitive fact about the show so far: Pete Holmes has the best monologues on television. They’re very Holmes, but for viewers that aren’t familiar with him, you might be a little thrown that you aren’t getting your typical topical one liners that are the same joke you see on every other late show just told differently. Pete Holmes gives a real monologue, and his honesty and observations are always spot on, I mean, Pete Holmes is just the truth. Last night Pete talked about living in the moment, and it’s just a wonderful, hilarious thought of his that is beautifully put together and actually thoughtful. Also, no one else says, “scram!” like Pete does, which is just an added bonus.


SO Note: Watch “The Pete Holmes Show” on TBS weeknights at midnight/11C.