SO Rad: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Does 'Joking Bad' [Video]

SO Rad: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Does ‘Joking Bad’ [Video]

Late night is just dominating the video game this week, but “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” continues to play on a totally other level. Their digital series are always over the top in the best ways with design, makeup and that beautiful, now-unique glossed over look that “Late Night” always creates. I had my fingers crossed they would do something with “Breaking Bad” and I guess finger crossing works because they did! “Joking Bad” is everything you’d expect and HOW DOES JIMMY FALLON MAKE HIMSELF LOOK LIKE SO MANY PEOPLE he’s so good. But the stand out in “Joking Bad” has to be A.D. Miles (life long standout) as Hank, it’ spot on from facial expressions to scowl to talk. As always you can tell the “Late Night” crew are real fans of the show, that’s what makes these so good and it always comes through. Let’s all go hang out in the Roots Vehicle after!

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