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Part of the beauty of Twitter is how easy it is to create a fake account. We’ve seen accounts created even before an award show ends or a storm hits. Here are 5 of our favorite Twitter Parody Accounts.


5. Depressed Darth Vader – @DepressedDarth

There are a lot of parody Star Wars accounts, but none quite like Depressed Darth.

Why we love it – Dark comedy. Literally.



4.  Fake AP Stylebook – @FakeAPStylebook

Our friend Eugene Ahn contributes to this account, which gives you style tips for “proper writing.”

Why we love it – Free grammar check! Or is it cheque?



3. Choupette Lagerfeld @ChoupettesDiary

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette has a twitter account!

Why we love it – She refers to Karl as “Daddy” and is snarkier than most humans that work in fashion.



2. Ruth Bourdain @RuthBourdain

This parody account is a mash-up of the tweets of Ruth Reichl with the mind of Anthony Bourdain.

Why we love it – Even if you’re not a foodie, you will still get a kick out of the Reichl hilarious free associations styled with a sick Bourdain twist.



1. Modern Seinfeld @seinfeldtoday

BuzzFeed sports writer Jack Moore is the man behind the account, with the help of his buddy comedian Josh Gondelman.

Why we love it – This parody account takes our favorite characters from Seinfeld and places them in 2013, with a hilarious mix of current pop culture and technology.



SO Note: Let us know some of your favorite parody accounts @Serial_Optimist.