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Happy Place is a web series created by LA comic Grant Pardee. Grant also writes and stars in this series about a guy working at a job he hates with co-workers (played by puppets because why not) he also doesn’t like. When this environment gets too hard/annoying to deal with, he goes to his happy place in his head. This is where nothing but good things happen to him. Mostly involving pizza and a friendly Batman. It also features voice work by Dave Ross, Erin Lampert, Josh Androsky, Matt Wilkie and Zach Ames. This series is silly, lighthearted and funny. If these are things you like, then go on and watch the first two episodes out of seven.

Happy Place: “Parade”

Happy Place: “Cold Calls”

On another note, Grant is one of the comedians—along with our friend Allen Strickland Williams, Megan Koester, Josh Androsky, Alison Stevenson and Dave Schilling—in charge of “ENTITLEMENT.” A monthly show in LA at Los Globos. The most recent show (7/3) has heavy hitters like Maria Bamford and Marc Maron! Go out and get to this show!

SO Note: Follow Grant @grantpa (great handle name), check out the Happy Place YouTube page, and go to “ENTITLEMENT” happening the first Wednesday of every month.