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Little Horribles” is a super funny, slightly dark web series written and created by the amazing Amy York Rubin. Amy is known for many rad things, but her PSA’s, produced by Barnacle Studios (which she runs), might just be the raddest. She’s basically an online video-making awareness-bringing-LOL machine. Speaking of LOLs (segue alert!), the second episode of “Little Horribles” features SO favorite Ilana Glazer in the aptly titled ep “LMFAO.” Ilana and Amy butt heads when Amy discovers that Ilana has not been completely honest about her LOLs. GChat DRAAAAMMAAAAA! So you’ve got a little info on Amy, a little info on “Little Horribles,” now all you have to do is press play below and get your own LOLs on, then go watch all the other episodes. BRB!

“Little Horribles” – Season One, Episode Two: “LMFAO”


SO Note: Follow Amy @ayrubin and Ilana @ilazer. Subscribe to Barnacle Studios on YouTube here.