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Halloween may be over, but creepy, dark and hilarious will always have a place in my heart, or should I say in my podcast list. Welcome To Night Vale explores the small desert town of Night Vale, where every conspiracy, dark fear and unusual happening is real. The podcast is done as a local radio show giving community updates, in a scary campfire story-meets NPR style. As with most small communities, there are a lot of mundane subjects like the traffic report and neighborhood potluck dinners, only Night Vale is a twisted town and everyone just accepts that these twists are a fact of life. For example, if clouds that can read your mind were also invited to the potluck, that’d be normal, right?

welcome_to_night_vale_by_peppernote-d6fn3of(By perppernote.deviantart.com)

Eerily narrated by Cecil Baldwin and underscored with music by Disparation, a typical episode may include an announcement from The Sheriff’s Secret Police about the dog-less dog park. It might follow the breaking news of a mayoral candidacy bid by a mythical creature. Spoiler, the five headed dragon was not allowed to run for mayor after all. Not that any episode is ever typical… unless of course you’re a resident of Night Vale. One thing that always remains consistent on the radio program is the “weather report,” which is always a different independently-published artist. It’s a great way to discover music you probably wouldn’t run across on your own.

I’m just getting into the show, so I bet there are even cooler moments and episodes to mention that I haven’t gotten to myself. The show has recently blown up, (… or so we’ve been led to believe) surpassing This American Life on the top 10 audio podcast list. You can even find great fan art (nerds).


(By: aznnerd.deviantart.com)

I think Buzzfeed put it best with The 42 Stages of “Welcome To Night Vale” Addiction. It’s exactly that, addicting. It’s also a little spooky when you’re walking your dog alone at night.


SO Note: Go to Welcome To Night Vale’s website (They now do live shows!) or subscribe via iTunes and everywhere else. Check out their Facebook page and tweet to @NightValeRadio!

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