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The folks over at Nerdist continue to pump out a flurry of creative online programming. The newest edition to their YouTube channel melting pot is the wonderful “Write Now! with Jimmy Pardo“. Exhausted from churning out so much laughter himself, Pardo has hired 3 writers to do the heavy lifting for him. While a comedian performs stand-up the three hand-selected writers pen jokes in the moment based on what the comedian is talking about. They are clueless of the material in advance (probably for the best). Pardo then proceeds to read the cards, unedited, and wow the audience. The chosen writers of the premiere episode include Ed Lee formerly of “Are You There Chelsea” and “The Drew Carey Show”, Laurie Kilmarten of Conan fame, and the fabulous Frank Sebastiano writer for “SNL” and “Letterman”. These writers were particular unmerciless in their roasting of the comedian at the helm, Josh Comers. I’m so glad these writers don’t have second jobs as hecklers, or do they? Some of the zingers that Pardo read off included “he’s not just the president of the hair club for men he’s also incredibly unfunny,” “the crowd had options, you also had other options, an open mic in Riverside,” and “sadly your dying friend’s final LOL was ironic.” OUCHIE! OUCH! OUCH! The writer whose best card impresses Mr. Warmup himself wins 50 greenbacks. This show is so much fun and I can’t wait to see what the next episode brings forth.

Write Now! Premier Episode!


SO Note: Check it out Write Now! on the Nerdist network.