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The podcast takeover of television is moving ahead on schedule if, uh, quite slowly. After Comedy Bang Bang! was re-tooled as a brilliant, surreal talk show on the Independent Film Channel last year, IFC snapped up Marc Maron’s interview show WTF. Today IFC released the first teaser promo for the show, which will premiere later this year.

A departure from the incisive, two hour heart-to-heart nature of his podcast, the television version of WTF will instead be a fictionalized sitcom starring Maron as a guy who records a podcast in his garage. IFC promises to “leave [Maron’s] neurosis intact, because untouched, Maron is uniquely fascinating, absolutely compelling and brutally funny.” This means viewers should expect lots of blunt conversations about how effectively Marc has burned all his bridges in the comedy world. And there will be cats.


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