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Photo by Seth Olenick

Marc Maron Interview: WTF?

“I’m glad to be part of the war on sadness. I’m a part time employee of the illusion that keeps people stupid.” –Marc Maron. I was nervous about interviewing Marc. […]


Shapes/Ongoing: Filippo Minelli

Italian artist Filippo Minelli “forces the occasional viewer of his artworks, and the people fond of his artworks, to an intellectual gym, stimulating scratching contrasts in our minds. Following conceptual tendencies, […]

Yoga + Kittens = You Know the Answer

Thank you, photographer Daniel Borris. Thank you for Yoga Dogs. Thank you for Yoga Cats. Thank you for being a modest photographer who never would have imagined that people from […]

Installation & Sculpture Work From Myeongbeom Kim

Educated in South Korea and the United States, Myeongbeom Kim creates installations and sculpture works that contrast man-made elements with nature to create surreal dream-like spaces. Utilising suspension as a common […]


SO Giddy: tUne-yArDs – Bizness

Sometimes you read a review or an article, and the words are perfection, and you want others to read it. Maybe it’s lazy, I don’t know, but Pitchfork really just described […]

If You’re Not Dogboarding, You’re Probably Rollerbladekittening, Which is SO Lame

Dogs and skateboards go together like bills I get in the mail and my trash can, meaning quite awesomely. Created and directed by Daniels, it’s just pure fun. Track by […]

Graphic Designer Feature: Andre Meca

Andre Meca is a Portuguese graphic design and illustrator. He is currently studying Graphic Design in Escola Superior de Artes e Design (ESAD) at Caldas da Rainha and working as […]

Talking to People is Easy: Alex Kisilevich

Toronto based artist Alex Kisilevich creates images that communicate feelings of isolation, mortality, and detachment, and may both be humorous and disturbing. His staged psychological dramas are quiet and pose […]


Hipster Childish Gambino

Even though Donald Glover might be on the verge of a little internet overexposure, we still have love for him, as you can see in our previous write up. But […]

Photo by Williams + Hirakawa

SO Summer Ready: Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks

Foster the People formed in 2009, and already they’ve signed with Columbia and played sold-out shows in the US and Australia. Rumored to be the next MGMT, they’ll drop their debut […]

A Short Film: The Animalmen

Writer/Director Jarrett DePasquale brings us the short film “The Animalmen”. The film is about three would-be revolutionaries and how rad their uprising could be…if only they had a cool group […]


SO Dreamy: Cults – You Know What I Mean

Cults are making some serious noise for a group that only has a few singles out so far. The New York duo found acclaim last year with “Go Outside” and have […]

Photography Feature: Rebecca Cairns

As The Jealous Curator puts it: “Cindy Sherman meets Diane Arbus…with just a hint of The 6th Sense“. Well said. These black and white photographs from Toronto based Rebecca Cairns […]


SO Approved: Metronomy – The Look

Here is the official video for “The Look” from London based Metronomy. It’s the last song off their forthcoming album “The English Riviera” which is set to release stateside April […]