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Artist Feature: Fabrizio Mingarelli

Photographer Fabrizio Mingarelli was born and raised in Italy, and is currently based in Rome where he studies architecture. His passion for the camera began at the age of 14 […]


Architectural Photography From Erin Fitzsimmons

Erin Fitzsimmons is a Vancouver and Toronto based photographer currently working in Asia around the ideas of urban and rural density, as well as the density of visual information. His […]


Artist Feature: Catharine Maloney

When looking at Catharine Maloney’s work, you see a bit of album cover mixed with collage mixed with star trek-esque awkward family portraits. I doubt any of that was the […]


An Interview With A Band We Love: RACES

Under favorable conditions, an EP can be considered a band’s prologue of sorts. In November of 2011, one such exordium was made available for examination. “Big Broom” was the initial body […]


Photographer Feature: Ronen Goldman

Ronen Goldman is a surreal and conceptual photographer from Tel Aviv, Israel. For the past four years, he has been working on a project he calls “The Surrealistic Pillow Project.” […]


Morgan Evans Talks ‘The Untitled Webseries’

Web Series are all the buzz right now, which is a good thing because the buzz is good. Writers, comedians, and aspiring filmmakers are creating hilarious shorts that run together […]


T.J. Miller Talks “T.J. Miller”

Comedian, actor, writer, multitasker, and bona fide GANGSTER T.J. Miller put out one of the most entertaining albums of last year in The Extended Play E.P., and now we get […]


Maddie The Coonhound

Photographer Theron Humphrey and his dog Maddie the Coonhound will make you smile every single day. Humphrey and Maddie are traveling to all 50 states over the course of this […]


Artist Shawn Huckins ‘An American Revolution Revolution’

When we were introduced to Shawn Huckins work we became instant fans. It pops aesthetically and just looks cool. Describing art as “looking cool” might sound a little elementary, but […]


Photo Feature: Erin Dobosiewicz

Erin Dobosiewicz has a poetic way of describing her love for photography. In her enthusiasm you quickly sense it’s not just about taking photos, it’s about creating a scene or […]


SO Groove: LEZGO

NPR named Justin Martin and Ardalan’s track “LEZGO” one of the “Five Deadliest Grooves of 2011,” and the coinciding music video deserves its own acclaim. Director Luc Gut created an […]


Midwest Love: Scott Allen Hill

You know we here at Serial Optimist love to rep the Midwest, so I was thrilled when I came across Oklahoma City’s own Scott Allen Hill. The designer/illustrator “can’t seem […]