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Haley Jane Samuelson: ‘An Indecisive Moment’

Haley Jane Samuelson was born and raised in Denver, Colorado until the age of thirteen when her family relocated to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It was there she first fell in […]


An In-Depth Conversation With BORBAY

A lot of artists put up a front, or try to label themselves. Some want to be known only as starving, and selling anything would be selling out. Some look […]


An Insightful Interview With The Bitter Buddha: Eddie Pepitone

When I found out I was interviewing Eddie Pepitone I did the most spirited happy dance you could ever imagine. How can one not gush over his talents?! Eddie has […]


An Interview With A Comedic Icon: Wendy Liebman

This woman is no novice to the comedy scene. Wendy Liebman has been performing stand-up comedy for close to 20 years. I know! A graduate of Wellesley College, majoring in psychology, Wendy […]


Rob & Nick Carter | Postcards From Vegas

Rob and Nick Carter are a married couple who live and work in London. As contemporary artists their work revolves around light, color and form in many different mediums including […]


A Laugh Out Loud Chat With Sue Galloway

Sue Galloway may not be a household name yet but you’ve most likely seen her splashed across your TV screen multiple times. Sue has a recurring role on “30 Rock“, […]


An Interview With A Woman We Love: Arden Myrin

When you think of actress, comedian, and all around artist Arden Myrin you probably think “She is my favorite on Chelsea Lately!” or “I recognize her from (insert the slew […]

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A Talk With Nick Wheeler Of The All-American Rejects

It’s hard to believe that the All-American Rejects have been around for 13 years, but not surprising at all given founding member and lead guitarist Nick Wheeler’s talent and drive. With over 10 million […]


Photo Feature: Aitor Gametxo

Spain photographer and filmmaker Aitor Gametxo believes “the power of images in our everyday life, as the sustenances of our beliefs, memories, and truths, is indisputable. His work relies heavily […]


Digital Circlism

Belgian artist Ben Heine used digital tools to create a series of celebrity portraits consisting of only flat circles on a black background, known as Digital Circlism. Each circle has […]


Alternate Histories

“Alternate Histories” by Matthew Buchholz are historical prints that depicts a past filled with monsters, or: “Where the past comes monstrously to life. Monsters, aliens, robots and more frolic through […]


SO Stellar: Ignacio Torres

GIF’s have never been featured on SO, as I can’t take them serious as art, and as they are usually just too loud. However, Dallas, TX based artist Ignacio Torres […]


“Be A Kid Again” From Tarik Mikou

Surreal, poetic and theatrical, Tarik Mikou fuses colorful pop with a mad and eerie imaginary world. His work is a provoking canvas in which many colors and layers come to […]


Midwest Love: Morgan Robinson

Morgan Robinson is an artist from Stillwater, OK working primarily with wood and metal. After getting his BFA in fine arts he took advantage of an opportunity to further his […]