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This Is What You Need To Know About Comedy In April

Every attempt at government eventually comes to a point of being a forest of thousands of shouting voices, any single voice indistinguishable from the other. Comedy is not a form […]


Happy Third Anniversary To Comedy Bang! Bang!

Happy three-year anniversary to our friends at Comedy Bang! Bang! But really, all the presents are for us. The anniversary party podcast features 90-minutes of Zach Galifianakis, Harris Wittels, Brett […]


Artist Submission: Laura Redburn

Laura Redburn is a 25-year-old collage (and mixed media) artist currently living in Cardiff, Wales. Color, animals, nature, old films, science fiction, dreams and vivid imagination inspire her. She likes […]


Jan Smith | Yellow Cake

Jan Smith (an SO favorite) has been recently working (i.e.: creating stunning art) in Chernobyl. We were lucky enough to catch up with him on today’s year anniversary to talk […]


Web Watch: ‘Nights in UltraViolet’

Imagine watching a David Lynch marathon with episodes of ‘Seinfeld’ mixed in then going to sleep (BECAUSE WHO WOULDN’T DO THAT?). Your dreams would no doubt look like the new […]


The Bearded, Hungry, Hilarious, Storytelling Genius That Is Kyle Kinane

He has one of our favorite beards in comedy and a style of storytelling that has landed him appearances on Conan, Comedy Central Presents, Judd Apatow’s Funny People, and helped make his […]


Artist Feature: Tyler Varsell

Tyler Varsell is a 23-year-old collage and mixed media artist from Connecticut. Her work is inspired by vintage imagery, 50s/60s culture, and the changing American ideal: particularly themes of consumption, […]


Artist Submission: Jordan Clark

Jordan Clark started making digital collages first for fun, something he stumbled onto while taking a computer arts class, but then got hooked. “I am constantly on the computer looking […]


Photo Submission: Casey David

There’s beauty in Alabama, and photographer Casey David will prove it to you. His goal is to make “magic a reality”, something you can see in most of his shots. […]


An Introduction To Mary Westlake

It’s hard to really classify singer/songwriter Mary Westlake. Her dreamy vocals are haunting and her style is a perfect blend of relaxed comfortability. But Mary isn’t signed to a label, […]


Backstage Chat With Asher Roth

I was skeptical going to see Asher Roth perform at Dallas’ Palladium Ballroom where he made his first stop for the Billboard and Chevrolet First Look Tour. With his 2009 […]


Youthful Skills: Photographer Jessica Boutte

Jessica Boutte grew up in Rappahannock, which is a small county in western Virginia known for it’s beautiful scenery and total lack of things to do. About a year ago […]


Streetwater: Big Lobby Art

Streetwater Art, founded by art lovers Jacquelyn Lipp and Bridget Litzinger (pictured above), is all about bringing art into your home, or office, or restaurant, or hotel, or really, anywhere with […]

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SO NY: Kraftwerk Retrospective

Remember 7 weeks ago, when we were all staring at the electronic queue for Kraftwerk tickets and desperately refreshing only to find out an hour later that all 8 shows […]