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This Is What You Need To Know About Comedy In June

Not to be corny and draw comparisons between the rise in temperature during the Summer months and metaphorically comparing that to the “heating up” of comedy, but that’s exactly what […]


SO Approved: Little Hurricane: Haunted Heart

Little Hurricane, the boy-girl blues-roc duo made up of CC and Tone out of San Diego is sweet summer jammin’. They premiered the new video for “Haunted Heart”, off their […]


SO Back-Worthy: Clown Service From Tig Notaro

One of the great things about Kickstarter is that whatever you help fund, be it a dollar or a thousand dollars, you feel like you helped created the finished product, […]


SO Weekend: Bing + Big Think’s For Humankind Pop Up At Openhouse Gallery

Bing and Big Think bring you For Humankind, a pop up this weekend that showcases new technology and the creative minds behind it. Photobioreactors fueled by algae, soccer balls that […]

Writing Movies for Fun and Profit pbk

Win A Copy Of ‘Writing Movies For Fun & Profit: How We Made A Billion Dollars At The Box Office & You Can, Too!’

Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant are gearing up for the paperback release of their hilarious yet practical book, WRITING MOVIES FOR FUN AND PROFIT: How We Made a Billion […]


Lesley Arfin

Lesley Arfin is everything any aspiring writer wants to be. She’s stylish, smart, funny, a little punk, and a lot NYC. She almost reminds you of a younger version of […]


Watch This Web Series: Incognito

Each Monday we will feature a new web series that is worthy of your time and provides a bunch of laugh out louds. We are kicking things off with Incognito, […]


Two Things We Currently Love

We love, adore, and give Serial Optimist approved jump-in-the-air high fives to two things currently happening online. They are both totally different, yet they both feature our absolute favorites in […]


Donnie Molls: Disposable Culture

Edward Cella Art + Architecture in Los Angeles will hold the gallery’s first solo exhibition for LA artist Donnie Molls beginning this Saturday, June 23rd. Disposable Culture looks to be […]

Yaniv Waissa_Take Key Out

‘Butterflies I Haven’t Seen There’ | Yaniv Waissa

“Butterflies I Haven’t Seen There” is the new artist book from Photographer Yaniv Waissa. Read on for the story behind the story and some of Waissa’s favorite photos from the […]

angela stool

Your New Comedy Crushes

No, this isn’t a “Hottie” list, or a “Girls Can Be Pretty and Funny?” list, or any kind of list that would be associated with say…axe body spray. This is […]


Ellie Goulding Covers

English pop star Ellie Goulding has made a big splash in the states over the past year with her heavily played radio hit “Lights”. Don’t worry, we aren’t the kind […]


‘Squash Players’ & ‘Aspiring Actors’

  Photographer Dave Imms has created two new series: Squash Players and Aspiring Actors. The projects link together in a way, but not intentionally. “My work is all about the things […]


Courtney Miles Is Beautifully Here

We are big fans of Courtney Miles. She is one of our favorite artists, and was the “must see” at our art show last year. Luckily for the people of […]