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Photo by Cary Anne

Tyson Meade Dreams Of A Cultural Exchange

If you aren’t familiar with Tyson Meade, then you aren’t familiar with the guy who has been labeled as “the godfather of alternative music” since the 90’s. The face and […]


This Is What You Need To Know About Comedy In July

As far as comedy in the month of July goes, we wish that there were more news outlets that adopted the attitude of comedy news coverage that might sound like […]


The Rebel Light

Haven’t heard of The Rebel Light yet? Don’t stress we hadn’t heard of this folk/indie/rock band either (they’re new to the scene but already dominating), so it’s introductions all around. […]


Christopher Boffoli | Big Appetites

You could say miniature art is so 2010 (but you don’t talk like that obviously/hopefully/bro), but when any kind of art is done right, no matter how oversaturated a specific […]


Craig Alan: People As Pixels

In his aerial photographs Craig Alan is using people as pixels to create large portraits of famous people like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis or Michael Jackson. Alan was born in 1971 in San […]


Matt Braunger Is The Best

Matt Braunger is one of our all time favs, and is just killing it right now. “It” being life, bro. His new album “Shovel Fighter” (released July 17 on Comedy […]

Photo by Michael Helms

Jackie Kashian Is Big Time Smiles

If you are not yet a ranger of The Dork Forest, you soon will be. Please grab a comfy chair and familiarize yourself with TDF podcast’s dorkdom purveyor, Jackie Kashian. […]


Professor Soap

Professor Soap is getting his creating on. “I really enjoy combining the music and art I make into something cheerful, colorful, and occasionally trippy. Anything that brightens your day and […]

10 Berlin

Photographer Feature: Marco Cappella

Photographer Marco Cappella resides in Italy but his passion started stateside. “I bought my first camera in New York City and I have been constantly studying photography ever since. I […]


Hey Depression, What’s Up?

Very rarely have I ever written anything to anyone on Serial Optimist. That’s never been the point. This isn’t a blog. This is a digital magazine that is supposed to […]


Justin Carrasquillo | Africa

Justin Carrasquillo is a photographer based in Los Angeles, California where he currently resides. After college he embarked on a photo assistant journey that inspired, encouraged, and nurtured his own […]


Kilian Martin & Brett Novak: Electricity Inside

We at Serial Optimist have a lot of respect for The Avant/Garde Diaries, a digital interview magazine that documents personal views on the avant-garde. Being a digital interview magazine ourselves, […]


Oh, Magpie: Indiana Caba

Remember American Beauty, and the life is sooooo beautiful kick it pushed on us, we got super “totally” about it, then of course forgot about? Some people, I suppose the […]

Photo by Robyn Von Swank

Neil Mahoney Talks ‘Freak Dance’

The name might not ring a bell yet but you have no doubt seen his work. Comedy director, writer and editor Neil Mahoney has been the man behind the camera […]