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This Is What You Need To Know About Comedy In October

There’s a lot to get to folks, so I hope you know the drill already. If not, this is a round-up of, as the title might suggest, the biggest stories […]


These Cats Just Got Real

The amount of effort it must take to train cats to do anything other than look at you with disdain and/or lick themselves makes this cat circus one of the […]


Disney Takes Over LucasFilm, One Step Closer To Taking Over World

In a surprise move on Tuesday, Disney announced their acquisition of Lucasfilm for a reported $4.05 billion in cash and stock. The sale includes the rights to all Lucasfilm properties […]


What Turned You On?
Kip Berman, Adam Franklin, Jason Stollsteimer

We’re excited to bring a new series to Serial Optimist that is all about inspiration and influence. We will be talking with comedians and musicians about the one album that […]


‘Write Now! with Jimmy Pardo’

The folks over at Nerdist continue to pump out a flurry of creative online programming. The newest edition to their YouTube channel melting pot is the wonderful “Write Now! with […]


SO Much Fun: New Year’s Eve With Neil Hamburger & Call Chelsea Peretti

I’m excited to report that the folks at Feral Audio have recently added New Year’s Eve hosted by Neil Hamburger and Call Chelsea Peretti to their podcast collective arsenal. I […]

Art by Aaron Frisby

10 Songs That Made October The Strawberry Jam

With November coming up and endless Holiday music playing in every store and on all your channels (which, who am I kidding, I love) we look back at October to […]


A 14-Year-Olds Point Of View On One Of Our Favorite Books: ‘The Outsiders’

“Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold…” These were the last words of Johnny as he lay on his deathbed. What does this statement mean to you? To me it means to […]

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Jonah Raydio Review

It’s no longer a thing of myth. The first episode of Jonah Raydio now lives within the podcast enclave nestled under the Nerdist umbrella. The alt comic juggernaut, Jonah Ray, […]


Hanson Nostalgia

The following is a homage to a group of men that I regard as the most artistically influential people I have ever met, albeit briefly. You are three men that […]


5 Comedy Videos To Chew On

Cooler temperatures means curling up by the fire and sipping a hot beverage. What better to add to a chilly day than a toasty comedy video hot off the cyber […]


First Aid Kit Brings The Loveliness

Tuesday evening I attended the most phenomenal concert of the year. It absolutely rocked me to my core. The Swedish sister duo, First Aid Kit were headlining at The Fonda […]

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Dave Hill Is The Most Wonderful Person In The World

I think you can easily label Dave Hill a Renaissance man. He seems to succeed at everything he applies himself to. Dave is a gifted musician and was a member of the […]


Jackie Chan Nostalgia

When I was a kid my parents were very strict about my media consumption. My movie options were mostly limited to Disney movies, old westerns and carefully curated PG-fare. Around […]