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Artist John Sabraw

Artist John Sabraw really gets us excited. His enthusiasm and true love of art is contagious, his knowledge is vast. The guy was just born an artist, nothing was going […]


Five Favs

Welcome to my Five Favs. This is my personal list of things I’m currently digging hard on. Like, so hard it’s bleeding. I’m sure you all know the feeling. You […]

Three for the Rotation – Clinic, Foals & Suuns

Welcome to “Three for the Rotation,” a new series intended to inject your playlist.  So without further adieu, here’s three albums prime for repeated late-night, dial at 11 listens … ________ Clinic – Free […]

What Turned You On? Travis Caine Seitz, Zohra Atash & Jasmine Golestaneh

In this series we ask musicians about the one album that changed their life, the album that turned that slow burn of curiosity into an uncontrollable fire, the album that […]


The State Of Our Tweets Are Strong: State Of The Union Twitter Round-Up

The State of the Union is a constitutionally mandated address that the President gives to a joint session of Congress every year. It’s his opportunity to set his agenda for […]


Best Valentine’s Day Gifts But Not Really

It’s that time of year again; time for men and women in relationships to buck up and appreciate their other half for an entire day. Butter them up. Give them […]

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Underappreciated: Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are super underappreciated. When I moved back home from New York, my brother decided to gain an interest in coffee. What drove this interest was the fact that […]


Between Two Ferns: Oscar Edition

The Twitter-Tumblr-Blog world might actually explode today. Zach Galifianakis’s brilliantly surreal Funny or Die talk show Between Two Ferns has returned from a long hiatus with a jam-packed episode. If you’re […]

Frank Ocean

25 Favorite Grammys Tweets

In case you missed LL Cool J hash tagging the entire night from the #Grammys stage, we took it upon ourselves to scroll through the ridiculously long Twitter feed to […]


SO Predictions: The Grammys

It’s getting close to that time to crown the Kings and Queens of the music industry. The 55th Annual Grammy Awards will be taking place at the Staples Center in […]


Matt And Kim Documentary Style

It is so sweet to finally see the adrenaline-packed indie rock duo, Matt and Kim, finally getting the recognition they deserve. I’ve been hearing their tunes blasted on local radio […]

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Everything You Need To Know That Happened In Comedy: January

So much comedy news to kickoff 2013 and here I was ready to put my money down for 2013 making up for 2012 not bringing about the apocalypse. Well, no […]


Comedy Bang! Bang! To Return? This Deserves An Extra Bang!

After making host Scott Aukerman sweat for a few months over the possibility of a second season of his surreal talk show Comedy Bang! Bang!, IFC has announced that it will […]


CommuniCon Is Upon Us!

CommuniCon is here! CommuniCon is here! The first ever convention for “Community” fans is upon us. The event has been planned to coincide with the Feb 7 airing of Season […]