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Mistletoe Of Instagram

Even if you’re single and doomed to be alone for the rest of eternity, there is something magical–even romantic–about the holiday season. So we were inspired to check out photos […]

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Best Of Instagram: #CreepySanta

“He sees you when you’re sleeping.” Yeah, we know. We also know he makes children cry, stares awkwardly and looks like he’s straight out of a horror movie sometimes. Why? […]

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17 Best Instagram Photos Of Rockefeller Center At Christmastime

If you’ve been to Manhattan at Christmastime, you know there’s nothing quite like seeing the lights and action of Rockefeller Center. Wintry weather or no wintry weather, the horizon is […]

NYC Taxi Drivers 2014 Beefcake Calendar

It’s snowing in NYC but 2014 looks to be HOT HOT HOT every month with NYC Taxi Drivers 2014 Beefcake Calendar. (I’m sorry I just couldn’t refrain from writing that […]

Judah Friedlander by Seth Olenick

Seth Olenick & ‘Funny Business’ — On The Side, They’re Just Normal People

Back when I was in the cubicle-land of the gainfully employed, I found one of the nicest things about a steady paycheck was being able to pay my bills and […]

Soosan_GirardPerregaux HolidayCard_1400

Playful & Pretty: An Interview With Artist Soosan Joon Silanee

Soosan Joon Silanee is a fantastic, smile promoting artist in NYC. Her illustrations go down so smooth, a Shel Silverstein/Dr. Seuss blend with a dash of fashion and a sophisticated, […]


Mom And Four Year Old Collaborate On Awesome Artwork

Distractify, a fun website you should definitely check out, did a great piece spotlighting illustrator and graphic artist Mica Angela Hendricks. Her art projects, drawings, crafts, tattoos and “various random […]

Photo by Dana Yavin

Interview With Rock Photographer Dana Yavin

Dana (distortion) Yavin is an NYC music photographer via Tel Aviv. She arrived in the states in 2000 where her studies in photography and film and a relentless passion for […]

Andreas Nitschke

A Quick Chat With Artist Andreas Nitschke

Serial Optimist gets more artist submissions than I can count each day, and when we choose to feature one, it’s not just because we like the art, it’s because of […]


Did You Know This About The Trapper Keeper?

Speaking of Lisa Frank: Trapper Keepers! Remember those? Here’s a great little history lesson on the trapper keeper courtesy of Mental Floss. The History of the Trapper Keeper IMAGE CREDIT: […]


Twerk Quotes

Fall is officially here, but did the king summer buzzword of all words, “twerk,” leave with summer? Of course not! Why? Because none of us really have any control over […]

Boring background

Change Your Desktop Background

Think about your computer’s desktop background. Wait! Don’t look at it yet. Just picture it in your mind. You know exactly what it looks like, don’t you? Maybe you can’t […]

Paz de la Huerta by Darren Ankenman

Interview With Photographer Darren Ankenman

I’ve been a fan of photographer Darren Ankenman for a few years now. I didn’t know much about him, but after he did a stellar shoot with the band Other Lives, who […]

Matt Braunger, Marc Maron & Brendon Walsh by Leigh Righton

Photographer Leigh Righton Spent 72 Hours At The Vancouver Comedy Fest With Marc Maron, Matt Braunger & Brendon Walsh

For me, a photographer’s job is equal parts documentarian and storyteller, capturing the essence of a particular moment or creating one within their frame. Despite my roots shooting live music, for the […]