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Ariella and Crow

Sarah Small has super unusual, odd photos. Her series The Delirium Constructions will make you smile, laugh, cringe, look away, look closer, and mess with you in an interesting way. Sarah explains it much better: “The Delirium Constructions is an ongoing body of work exploring disassociated themes and characters brought together into the same space. I bring models into improbable, close interactions to examine the social and graphic contrasts of youth and experience, hysteria and discipline, tragedy and hilarity, and sexuality and desexualization.”

“These scenarios are staged, but the emotions that result are born through improvisation, spontaneously captured and authentically experienced. Like an optical illusion, where the viewer shifts between opposing visual perceptions, these images reference emotional illusion, a rocking back and forth between projection and introspection, between darkness and hilarity.” -Sarah Small


SO Note: (All images by Sarah Small, check out the complete series and see more by photographer Sarah Small’s at her website www.sarahsmall.com)

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