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Brandon and Savanna AGT feature

Get To Know Brandon And Savannah Of “America’s Got Talent”

Brandon and Savannah are America’s new sweethearts, and we just can’t get enough of them. Hailing from Los Angeles, the two have been writing and performing since the ages of seven and nine, respectively. They recently rocked the stage on the eighth season of “America’s Got Talent, and they have been full force every since. Did we mention they’re a brother/sister duo? Too much talent for one family! Lucky us, we got to sit down and learn a little bit more about the pair recently. So read on, eat it up, and love them more!

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Serial Optimist: “America’s Got Talent” has got to have been one thrilling ride. What was that experience like for you guys?

Brandon and Savannah:  The experience overall was surreal. Just being on the Radio City Music Hall stage was unforgettable. The experience was also very nerve-racking. We weren’t used to all the pressure that comes from being a part of a TV episode. It was crazy and bizarre. We loved it.

SO: That’s awesome. What is the first musical memory that you two have?

Brandon:  Well, when I was about seven or eight years old I taught myself how to play guitar and piano not long after. Soon Savannah and I started writing music together and the first musical memory I can think of involves Savannah and I doing a “writing session” together in our kitchen.  We would just write down any words that could rhyme. Good times for sure.

Savannah:  I remember always being very musical as a child. But one of my most vivid memories was when I was about six, I was in the musical “Annie” and I made my Mom and Dad sit in the front row instead of coming backstage with me. From then on I always loved being on stage and performing.

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SO: A lot of teen groups/acts get flack for being “too” something. Your sound is actually very unique when compared to pop music of today. What made you go that route with your work?

Brandon and Savannah:  Making our music refreshing and different has always been our number one priority.  We believe that everyone our age nowadays is trying to fit into this little box of creativity involving recycled ideas and things that have been over-done, and our goals have always been to avoid that and create something no-one has ever heard before. We are so thankful everyone has enjoyed the music so far and we can’t wait to share with everyone the crazy new stuff coming next.

SO: We know you’ve been performing together for quite a while, but what has been your family’s reaction to this whole whirlwind?

Brandon and Savannah:  Oh wow, its all been so crazy the past couple of months.  Our family has been over the top supportive and we are so thankful for that. Our parents are our management and they have always guided us in the right direction for what we do. It’s great because we are an independent label and as an independent artist we get to be as creative as we like and our family backs us fully.

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SO: I can’t tell you how many times my siblings and I thought about forming a musical act together, and then abandoned the idea because we were at each others’ throats. It takes real patience and chemistry to be able to work well with siblings. Has that presented any difficulties in this experience?

Brandon and Savannah: Hahaha! It’s quite a difficult process. It took us a while to get completely in the swing of things. We, for the most part, always get along because we do everything together. We write, perform, practice and hang out with the same friends together! So it’s always good with us. We do fight sometimes when we write our music though. It’s difficult when you put two creative people in a room; one always has to be right, so whenever we do disagree and argue it is when we are writing.

SO: Sounds about right. We hear that you just played Club Nokia with R5. How amazing was that?

Brandon and Savannah: Club Nokia was definitely one of our favorite venues ever. Being where we live here in California, it was a hometown show and the hype, and energy was insane. We had the best time and we can’t wait to be playing there again soon.

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SO: What has been your favorite experience while on stage? 

Brandon and Savannah: Being onstage with our band is always the best time ever. They are always crazy real but once we see everyone in the crowd we get in our element and we’re comfortable. Our favorite stage memory would be a difficult thing to pick because with every show, there is a new one.

SO: Fair enough. I must admit I have a sweet tooth. What is your favorite place to get dessert?

Brandon: Hmmm, well I really like red velvet cake so I would probably have to say that there was a spot in Brooklyn I visited last summer that was just THE BEST.

Savannah: Anywhere with macaroons no doubt!

Brandon: This is so difficult because I can either answer this question super seriously or super not seriously because I’m a goof ball so I’ll just try to be serious. I would say John Lennon, Kanye West for sure, Burial, and probably David Byrne or David Bowie. (Goof ball version: All of One Direction, Justin Bieber and Will-I-Am.)

Savannah: I could also answer this question in a silly way.  I have a few that I’d love to meet. Top six would be…. Stevie Nicks, Barbra Streisand, Kanye West, Gwen Stefani, Elvis, and James Dean. (Silly: Fergie, 2 Chainz, Yoda, and of course Harry Styles.)


SO: I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t want to meet your “silly” answers. Jeez guys, be professional! Haha! What can we expect to see from you two in the future?

Brandon and Savannah: AHHH! Our favorite question because we are so excited about what’s coming up. We want to remain somewhat mysterious about what is to come but it is going to be cool so stay tuned.


SO Note: Check out, follow them @branandsav and stay tuned for what’s next!

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