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In this series we ask musicians about the one album that changed their life, the album that turned that slow burn of curiosity into an uncontrollable fire, the album that straight up turned them on. This week we interview three Nashville-based musicians, Justin Landis of Western Medication, Seth Sutton of Useless Eaters and Seth Murray of Natural Child.

Justin Landis of Western Medication

Album of Influence: Wire – Chairs Missing (Harvest)

Landis: “The album “Chairs Missing” changed my view of what punk rock could be.  It showed me that the genre had so much more potential then what was being done in the 70’s in New York and the UK.  Upon first listening to the album there were obvious songs that stuck out to me such as; Men 2nd, Sand In My Joints, and Outdoor Miner.  But as I continued to put the record on my turntable I realized that this album has so much emotion running through it and how easy it is to miss that if you’re just skipping from track to track.”

“Wire is that band that the more I find out about them the more amazed I continue to be.  They’re what made me realize that there’s something more to punk rock then what most bands are doing.  I became obsessed with figuring out what made this band tick.  Punk rock is all about not remaining stagnant and constantly reinventing the idea of rock.  In my eyes no band broke more ground on the matter then Wire.  They gave the idea of punk rock life beyond just the 70’s era and are still doing so today.”
Stream and download Western Medication’s The Painted World EP on East Village Radio now and pre-order the vinyl from Jeffery Drag Records here.
Western Medication – “The Painted World”

Seth Sutton of Useless Eaters

Album of Influence: The Clash – Sandinista (Epic)

Sutton: “The Clash has been one of my all time favorite bands since I was in my early teens.  This used to be my least favorite Clash records but after numerous thorough listens I can definitely say it is my number one.  Even though I became intrigued by the politics of the group, their ever changing sound throughout their musical existence and consistency to write well thought out songs had the most impact on my own songwriting.  I think it’s amazing that they put out a triple LP.  What’s even more amazing is that they priced it as a single LP so you got more bang for your buck.”

Download Useless Eaters Black Night Ultraviolet EP here.  They’ll be playing shows at SXSW and touring following the release of their LP out February 19th.

Useless Eaters –”Black Night Ultraviolet”

Seth Murray of Natural Child

Album of Influence: The Soundtrack to the film Gimme Shelter

Murray: “The movie about Altamont, is one of the greatest live records of all time.  The Stones are in peak form, never played better, and the sound is out of this world.  The live version of Little Queenie from the bonus footage has the heaviest bass ever.  We use that album as the reference point for everything we record.”

Natural Child’s new 7″ Nathan’s Blues b/w C.R.S. Blues due out in March.

Natural Child – “Hard in Heaven”


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