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Kelly Oxford is witty, sexy, and honest. In her own words, “I was previously described as: Your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. Currently described as: your Mom. If I was a mood board you would see: gold, ativan, and a photo of David Sedaris drinking my breast milk.” If you don’t have a twitter, it is worth getting one just to follow her @kellyoxford. She was nice enough to respond to some unprepared last second questions I emailed her. I guess we can call it an interview.

Serial Optimist:  What is the one song/artist you currently listen to that makes you smile?

Kelly Oxford: Jay-Z – “On to the Next One“.

SO: Do you have dreams every night, and if so, do you always remember them?

Kelly: Yes. Yes. I only write down the celebrity dream ones now. I find them the funniest.

SO: I’m sure you consider yourself a mother and wife first, and maybe many other things after. Out of these choices though, which one would you consider yourself to be: comedian, writer, or (insert other option here).

Kelly: Mother and Wife are the roles I have chosen. I think I was born writing. Filled my first journal full of nonsense by 3, and haven’t stopped.

SO: Why is your blog called eject?

Kelly: It’s a word that is so firmly planted in our psyche, but we hardly see it anymore. No VHS, DVD, CD. So I thought I’d put it to good use again. The symbol of those 5 letters together, we’ve all seen them so many times and they are associated to entertainment subliminally.

SO: What are a few of your favorite blogs or websites that you try and read everyday and why?

Kelly: CBC, BBC, CNN, TMZ. I like to call it the Trickle Down.


SO Note: (Make sure and follow Kelly @kellyoxford on Twitter, and also check out her blog eject at kellyoxford.tumblr.com)