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Coffee Break

Happy Coffee Break, everybody! Here are some quick clips to get you through the next couple weeks. Today’s theme is ‘musical comedy that won’t make you want to take a […]


Mistletoe Of Instagram

Even if you’re single and doomed to be alone for the rest of eternity, there is something magical–even romantic–about the holiday season. So we were inspired to check out photos […]

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Best Of Instagram: #CreepySanta

“He sees you when you’re sleeping.” Yeah, we know. We also know he makes children cry, stares awkwardly and looks like he’s straight out of a horror movie sometimes. Why? […]

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17 Best Instagram Photos Of Rockefeller Center At Christmastime

If you’ve been to Manhattan at Christmastime, you know there’s nothing quite like seeing the lights and action of Rockefeller Center. Wintry weather or no wintry weather, the horizon is […]


Best Of 2013: The 5 Best Comedy Shows I Saw This Year

If you’re anything like me, you live in San Diego, California. You live here because you want to live in an actual city but not like an actual big big […]

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ICYMI: ‘The Most Common Ways For Elves To Die’

It’s almost Christmas, which means we are focusing our content on winter-y things! Glitter, snow, and lights are at the top of that list. So, needless to say, when we […]

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Silver Linings For The 13 Worst Celebrity Breakups Of 2013

We don’t normally like to call attention to awkward situations. (That’s a lie, we do. But calling attention to breakups is bad karma, for sure.) But we really want to […]

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Must Follow Person Of The Week: Yannis Pappas

Yannis Pappas is so fun! A stand-up comic who travels the world, he co-hosts “The Morning Show” on Fusion Network and co-founded the comedy production company Ditch Films. But our […]


Best Of 2013: The 10 Best Comic Books Of The Year

In the history of humankind, there have been many vital artistic revolutions. Wait, did I say “many”? I meant one: Comical books. Comics are simply the greatest medium known to […]

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Best of 2013: Miley GIFs

Listen. We get it. Miley is a genius of some sort. She went on hiatus and came back full force, guns a-blazin’. Kid knows how to make a comeback, no […]

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Best Tweets You’ll Find Re: The Sound Of Music Live!

So you may have missed it (HOW DID YOU MISS IT?!), but “The Sound of Music Live” aired last night for the world to see. It wasn’t a complete dud, […]

Star Wars menorah Hanukkah

8 Awesome Homemade Menorahs

One of my favorite things about Hanukkah is the creativity that goes into the menorahs. You just don’t get that with a Christmas tree, at least not to the same […]

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Terrifying Turkey Tales

Okay. So this post is misleadingly named. Nothing about it is terrifying. What it is is Thanksgiving mishaps. Things that went awry and days that perhaps weren’t so traditional. The […]

South Park Thanksgiving

8 Classic Thanksgiving TV Episodes

Thanksgiving is tomorrow which means the best time of time of the year has arrived. It’s the time when Christmas specials play on TV all day long! But before diving […]