Silver Linings For The 13 Worst Celebrity Breakups Of 2013
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Silver Linings For The 13 Worst Celebrity Breakups Of 2013

We don’t normally like to call attention to awkward situations. (That’s a lie, we do. But calling attention to breakups is bad karma, for sure.) But we really want to point out that a lot of breakups truly do have a silver lining. So, we want to call attention to the 13 worst celebrity breakups and 2013. But we want to point out why it’s a good thing that things turned out the way that they did. You know, keep a positive, witty spin on otherwise sucky situations.


Miley and Liam

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Silver lining: Miley can be risqué and has no one to answer to. Liam can be rid of Miley. Awesome.


Khloe and Lamar

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This one takes a “Debbie Downer” dip. It’s strange, because I am not a fan of the Kardashians at all. But whenever I sat down and actually absorbed a show (I am certainly a glutton for punishment.), I enjoyed Khloe and Lamar the most. They seemed to have it all together. But they’ve been on the rocks since Lamar’s drug usage went public this summer, and I guess his obscene rap video is what finally made Khloe pull the plug? Positive spin? Girl can—honestly—do better. And Lamar has the time away from cameras and crazy family to fix what’s clearly wrong with him.


Kris and Bruce Jenner

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On to something we can laugh about in that family. We’re breathing a sigh of relief for good ol’ Bruce, who seems to be the only one with a good head on his shoulders. Then we remember he got himself into that situation in the first place. So anyone who ends up with either of these two will probably have issues to deal with.


Emilia Clarke and Seth MacFarlane

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Did anyone even know they were dating? Silver lining: They had the opportunity to break up before their romance hit the headlines. Good for them!


Clint and Dina Eastwood

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Married for over 17 years, apparently the two had been separated for over a year when they finally called it quits in August. Good news? She can get away from him. He’s cool, but I can’t get the image of him in a sweat stained undershirt carrying a gun out of my head.


Michelle Williams and Jason Segel

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We almost shed a tear over this one. The quirky, hilarious, adorable guy gets the girl. Distance separated them, but the silver lining is that they won’t be spending a fortune on long-distance phone calls anymore. Right?


Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen

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We love them both for entirely different reasons. Distance took them away from each other, and as dramatic as that sounds, he will be able to find someone else. (Just LOOK at that hair!) PLUS…


Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

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Seriously. One of our all-time favorite celeb couple was always Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. So they’re both single and ready to mingle?


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

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Seriously? Selena put up with a LOT. Good news? She can party as a single woman. (Check out her Instagram… she parties A LOT.) And Justin can continue his foray into drugs! YAY!


Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

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Just look at them. That much beauty in one relationship couldn’t have lasted long. Silver lining? They can continually make each other jealous hooking up on-screen with co-stars on The Vampire Diaries.


George Clooney and Stacy Keibler

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Are we really surprised? The man is a womanizer and rarely keeps one as long as he kept her. Good news? There’s still hope for women around the world to be his next victim. And—of course—for the rumor that he may swing both ways to perpetuate.


Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

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It makes the rest of the world depressed that someone can’t see it in their hearts to stay with the most attractive person available. But it also gives everyone who loves British accents and Victoria’s Secret angels another–non-existent–shot at a dream.


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And finally, as per the suggestion of my fellow writer (and genius) Caitlin Kunkel, 2013 was the year Americans finally broke up with their Blackberries. This has more truth than many people originally thought. I have friends who have been brand loyal to their Blackberries since they were fifteen (So, roughly cough 8 years cough) and everyone I know finally swapped over to iPhone or Android. Let’s not even get started on that techy war, but I think this is a very important thing to note.


SO Note: What are your silver linings for 2013? Let us know @Serial_Optimist.

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