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Coffee Break

Happy Coffee Break, everybody! Here are some quick clips to get you through the next couple weeks. Today’s theme is ‘musical comedy that won’t make you want to take a […]


Kyle Dunnigan: F*** You, Mistletoe

Comedian Kyle Dunnigan’s original character “Craig” is releasing a Christmas album. Craig’s All-Star Rockin’ Christmas, You Guys! is a collaboration between Kyle and longtime friend and music producer/songwriter, Jim Roach. While the […]


Anti-Bummer Medicine: White Murder – Safety in Numbers

Keeping a positive attitude can be rough in this negative world sometimes. Your dinner is not agreeing with you, your roommates smell bad, and that damn band downstairs won’t knock […]


Reggie Makes Music

I seem to have a problem where I can’t not feature something Reggie Watts does at least once a month on SO, he’s just cooler than a polar bears toenails. […]

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 1.57.24 PM

Best Coast Releases ‘This Lonely Morning’ Lyric Video

We love Best Coast. We love them because they’re down-to-earth, quirky and make some killer music. So, when they released their new lyric video for “This Lonely Morning” to Funny […]


Eclectic Method vs. Nardwuar—Doot Doola Doot Doo

Video DJ Eclectic Method recently released his latest audio-video mash-up, this one a remix of the interviews of Nardwuar the Human Serviette. Nardwuar first came to my attention when the […]


Anti-Bummer Medicine: Richard and the Young Lions

Sometimes, keeping your chin up can really bring you down. You got stood up by your blind date, you left him/her an angry voicemail, and then it turned out he/she […]


Pharrell Is 24 Hours Of Happy

Pharrell is incredible. Seriously, he was in every single song that hit the airwaves in 2013. “Blurred Lines,” “ATM Jam,” “Get Lucky,” “Feds Watching,” “I.D.G.A.F” (Thanks, Mike Posner), “Get Like […]


Anti-Bummer Medicine: The Cute Lepers – ‘Terminal Boredom’

Sometimes, keeping your optimism from waning is tough going. Your computer needs a reboot, the holiday suicide rates are beginning to climb, and there hasn’t been anything good on the […]


Rachel Bloom: Suck It, Christmas!!! (A Chanukah Album)

Rachel Bloom is the queen of parody music videos. She has a way of mixing total sexiness with total silliness in the best possible way, which is no easy feat. […]


Cover Love: Wynchester ‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’

Obviously, with my love of Lionel Richie, I’m never going to believe you can do better than the original “Easy Like Sunday Morning” by the Commodores, but this comes very […]

Photo by Dana Yavin

Interview With Rock Photographer Dana Yavin

Dana (distortion) Yavin is an NYC music photographer via Tel Aviv. She arrived in the states in 2000 where her studies in photography and film and a relentless passion for […]


Rappers Eating Food

“Eating,” as Jamie Oliver never said, “is the best metaphor for life’s subtleties.” Rappers wholeheartedly agree, using eating as a symbol of the raw underdog (“An appetite for destruction but […]


Anti-Bummer Medicine: The Dickies – ‘Banana Splits’

Sometimes, keeping your optimism up is tougher than it looks. You live in squalor, your job is unfulfilling, your paycheck even less so, and there’s nothing good for lunch. Times […]