My Bloody Valentine Is Finally Back

My Bloody Valentine Is Finally Back

Like a thief in the night the first full-length, much anticipated My Bloody Valentine album revealed itself this weekend. It only took 21 years and change for the Irish alt band to release mbv, its third album. For those that were diehard fans of MBV’s seminal album “Loveless” there is NO doubt you will appreciate mbv. Its has all the elements of the shoegazer genre sounds that made it so appealing. This is music to play loud and lose yourself in. Lyrics are thoroughly unnecessary. mbv is available for purchase via download, as a CD and download and as a 180g vinyl/CD/download. As of Saturday morning, the album can be enjoyed as a YouTube stream. My Blood Valentine’s mbv track list is as follows:


she found now

only tomorrow

who sees you

is this and yes

if I am

new you

in another way

nothing is

wonder 2

Time to sport those hooped T-shirts, ripped light denim jeans and big leather jackets. MBV is back!


SO Note: Consult the MBV website here for all the latest news and merchandise. And don’t miss out on those informative tweets @TheOfficialMBV.

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