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RIOT LA Comedy Fest 2014: It’s (Almost) Too Much

You guys, the RIOT LA Comedy Festival begins this Thursday, January 9th, 2014, and I’m so excited for it that I am almost angry. What kind of cruel God would […]


Comic Books Make Me Happy: Hip Hop Family Tree

Try this: Take New York City in the mid-1970s and picture in your mind its exact opposite in time and space. If you answered Alpine, California, in the early 1990s, […]

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One Man Comedy Machine: Bo Burnham – ‘what.’

Boy wonder Bo Burnham gave the internet an early Christmas present last month: a brand-new one-hour stand-up special still available for free on YouTube. At the age of 23, Burnham […]


Microneedles Are My Prickly New Best Friends!

This tool is not for torture, or for sad Emo listeners who “just need to feel something.” It was originally intended to open up your skin allowing it to better […]


Disney Lights Up The Holidays With ‘Frozen’

In the early 1940s, Walt Disney sought to adapt the beloved Hans Christian Andersen fairytale, The Snow Queen, into a full-length animated film. Fresh off the success of Snow White […]

Photo courtesy of Comedy Central

Bill Cosby Is Still A Very Funny Fellow

I’d almost forgotten how much I love Bill Cosby. A young child in the ’80s, I spent many hours basking in his TV glow, reveling in the warm sweater feeling […]


Farewell Ladies

HBO’s half-hour freshmen comedy “Hello Ladies” completed its first season run this past Sunday, and I for one shall miss it terribly. From the mind of Stephen Merchant, longtime friend […]


Rachel Bloom: Suck It, Christmas!!! (A Chanukah Album)

Rachel Bloom is the queen of parody music videos. She has a way of mixing total sexiness with total silliness in the best possible way, which is no easy feat. […]

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Saving Mr. Banks Helps The Medicine Go Down

Very few films cause the audience to leave the theater smiling, laughing and crying all at once. This past Friday at AFI Fest, I was fortunate enough to catch an […]

Daniel and Sam Alley Color

How To Win At Everything: A Hilarious New Book

Chicago comedians and Onion New Network writers Daniel Kibblesmith and Sam Weiner have released their first book, How To Win At Everything. It comes out today and you need it to […]

Artwork by Nate Powell from 'Any Empire'

Comic Books Make Me Happy: Any Empire by Nate Powell

Like a lot of little boys, I grew up thinking war was cool. You got to shoot big ol’ guns and put packs of cigarettes into your helmet band and […]

Welcome to Night Vale feature

Welcome To ‘Welcome To Night Vale’

Halloween may be over, but creepy, dark and hilarious will always have a place in my heart, or should I say in my podcast list. Welcome To Night Vale explores the […]

Since 1993, AFF has focused on what writers contribute to the medium of film.

The Austin Film Festival – Paradise for Writers

In their own words, the Austin Film Festival is “dedicated to recognizing the writer’s contribution to the motion picture industry.”  Having just spent the weekend at the Industry Conference, I couldn’t […]


TheBusiness LA Final Show Review

One of our favorite shows in LA (Silverlake), TheBusiness, just had their last show, and I’m just gonna say, it felt pretty sad. Oh! But also funny, I… I don’t […]