Big Cheesy Is Back!

Big Cheesy Is Back!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in some cases a picture is worth a thousand Homer Simpson sounding “Mmmmmm….”(drool ensues). If you attended the first Big Cheesy last year I hope you’ve made many attempts at recreating a true art. The #cheesetastic event returns March 23 & 24 with virtuoso’s Keith Klein’s Milk Truck, Lucy’s Whey, Melt Shop, Murray’s Cheese Bar, Say Cheese UWS, Sons of Essex and ‘witchcraft. Plus Brooklyn’s own Sixpoint Brewery. I’ better stop now before I have a #cheeseattack. Enjoy the beautiful photos below and see you with a big cheesy smile at Big Cheesy. You better get your tickets soon though, a love for a grilled cheese sandwich is waiting-in-line-in-a-tent-for-days kind of love! Get tickets here!



2012 Melt Shop sandwich





SO Note: Check for all the info, follow them @openhousenyc, give in to your mice-like anticipation by checking out Manhattan’s Finest and most importantly purchase your tickets now! Here!

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