Election 2012: GIF's Gone Crazy

Election 2012: GIF’s Gone Crazy

The last few weeks (Months? Years?) have been filled with Presidential Election hoopla. Intense mechanic phone messages from Congress, degrading commercials and propaganda aside, Serial Optimist is here to save the day and bring some sunshine back into this crazy, mixed-up, political world of ours. Here we present some of the best GIFs from the wild and crazy debates. Don’t forget to vote!


Looks like someone had a diet coke. 


And again. Because once was clearly not enough.


It can all be conveyed with just one look. Literally.


Sad realization.


“It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. It’s compromise that moves us along.”






But there’s always time for fun and games.


Because every debate needs a small, furry animal to calm the candidates’ nerves.


Every politician has their quirks. Most politicians share them.


Don’t we all?


Sometimes a swivel chair can really just make your day.


Fair enough. But with that hair, Romney should probably be R. Pattz.


My sentiments exactly.


And the award for “Best Exit” goes to…

And who could forget our two favorite sidekicks in this election?


This was the debate the candidates were on ecstasy and dub step music was playing in the background.  


Guy loves Rowan Atkinson. 


Obama totally bro’d Mitt. 


Get it bro.


SO Note: Meredith Schneider is a Staff Writer for Serial Optimist. She also co-founded Double Take Productions and is a pop culture obsessive. Follow her @MerelyGrace and check out her blog There’s So Much to Smile About.


Meredith Schneider

Meredith Schneider

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  1. Mitt Romney says:

    glad you like my gifs, i made the swivel chair and the lip-licking romney on my challenger23.tumblr.com account, but most are housed at mittromneyruining.tumblr.com if you’re interested.


  2. David Dean says:

    Thanks! So sorry we didn’t give credit to each, it was hard to determine who made them and where they were originally posted. We will def check out your Tumblr, your GIFs rock!

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