'On Our Way'

‘On Our Way’

Back in 2011 we did a little feature on Dorothy Cotter, aka EleventyFour, a cork-born fun sized music maker in Dublin who creates smile worthy folk music. Cotter is now the co-lead in a new short film written and directed by Fergal Rock (Henry & Sunny, Tom Waits Made Me Cry), called On Our Way. Also starring Matthew Keenan, the short is about a chance encounter between two lost souls that leads to a night of unexpected revelations, late night coffee and bottle smashing. Unfolding over the course of a single night, On Our Way is a hopeful tale of missed connections and second chances. Check out the wonderful short film below, it’s ten-minutes well spent.

On Our Way


SO Note: Follow Dorothy Cotter @eleventyfour, and for more info on the film, go here.

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