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Tomorrow is Election Day. Across the nation a hundred million Americans will choose senators and representatives, define their states laws (Colorado and Washington could legalize marijuana, while Maryland, Washington, Maine and Minnesota are tackling marriage equality) and ultimately, elect our next president. Alleviate your tension a little bit (or ramp it up) by following the election on Twitter with this group of politicos and you’ll be guaranteed to be in the know.



Barack Obama (@barackobama)

In this corner we have the official Twitter feed of B-Rock “The Islamic Shock” Hussein Superallah Obama. Known to most as a secret Kenyan Muslim atheist who wants to turn America into a socialist wasteland, he is also the incumbent president, running on a record of health care reform and the winding-down of two wars. Expect the feed to provide a well of endless optimism during Election Day, regardless of whether or not it’s warranted.


Mitt Romney (@mittromney)

The challenger, Willard Mitt Romney, is a Mormon bishop and fabulously wealthy corporate raider famous for saving the Salt Lake City Olympics, being governor of Massachusetts and having a Clooney-esque coif of salty grey streaking through his meticulously maintained hair. His five sons, wife Ann and horse Rafalca will be campaigning hard for the man in the last 24 hours.


Dick Morris (@dickmorristweet)

A former adviser to Bill Clinton, Morris is now a talking head most known for his ability to make wildly inaccurate political predictions and still be allowed on TV. The man who predicted that the 2012 race would be between Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton is currently predicting a landslide win for Mitt Romney despite dozens of pollsters saying Obama holds a slight lead in. When Dick calls the race for Mitt Romney you’ll know Obama has won.


Mitt’s Body Man (@dgjackson)

Mitt Romney’s personal bodyguard maintains an active twitter that has lots of behind-the-scenes pictures of Gov. Romney.


Nate Silver (@fivethirtyeight)

Numbers nerd Nate Silver is one of the most reliable political statisticians out there. Follow him for the inside scoop on what the piles of numbers that Wolf Blitzer is incompetently trying to explain actually mean.



Rob Delaney (@robdelaney)

Delaney is one of Twitters most famous comedians, turning 140 characters venue for his crude, hilarious voice. He’s also very political, and tends to live-tweet major political events. If you need a chuckle on Tuesday, check him out.


LOLGOP (@lolgop)

This anonymous twitterer is regularly one of the more prolific political tweeters on the web. Tune into LOLGOP on Election Day and expect lots of acerbic, biting election commentary with a dash of over-the-top silliness.


The West Wing (@Danny_Concannon, @LeoMcGarry, @joshualyman, @Toby_Ziegler, @abbey_bartlet@CJCreggConcanon, @CJsGoldfish)

Aaron Sorkin’s “The West Wing” has long been cancelled, but the show’s characters still exist on twitter, where a half-dozen of the characters live in a half-fictional, half-real world. The group squabbles and jabs at each other over real-world events in a comfortingly Sorkinian manner.


Andy Levy (@andylevy)

Andy is the one thing that makes Fox New’s “Red Eye” actually worth watching (un-ironically). This Columbia grad and U.S. Army vet has a varied background including associate producer at NBC News and publicist for the 69th Annual Academy Awards, but above all he is just plain funny, in the most sarcastic way possible. He will no doubt produce some gems on election night.


Bill Maher (@billmaher)

Nobody puts it more bluntly, and puts crazy talking Republicans in their place like Bill Maher. As he recently said on “Real Time”, this election is win win for him, because if Obama wins, it’s good for the country, but if Romney wins, it’s good for comedy.


Lizz Winstead (@lizzwinstead)

Lizz is a comedian and the co-creator of “The Daily Show”. As her Twitter bio puts it, she “points out crackpottery and stuff smart people write”. She will no doubt be tweeting some of the best LOL’s of the night, and also providing RT’s that worth reading.


BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed)

BuzzFeed is one of our favorite sites (isn’t it yours?) and does a fantastic job of putting up real time lists of GIFs, Memes, Tweets and more. So the moment a newscaster or someone in the crowd does some ridiculous, you can expect BuzzFeed to have it covered within minutes.



Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan)

Yes. I said Lindsay Lohan. This no doubt will be the train wreck Twitterer of the evening. You won’t get any useful information, but you will get some good crazy. If she lives up to her performance during the third and family debate, we are in for some Twitter gold.


SO Note: Micah LeFebvre is a Contributing Editor for Serial Optimist. Follow him @micahlef as he live-tweets the election tomorrow, starting at 6ET. Don’t forget to vote!

Author: Micah LeFebvre

Micah is an English grad who uses his words to write poetry, worry about the red state he lives, and obsess about the layers hidden within pop culture.

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