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Big Shoes To Fill: Who Should Replace Rashida Jones & Rob Lowe On Parks And Recreation?

“Parks and Recreation” returns for its sixth season this Thursday on a somber note: Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe, who play the pivotal roles of Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger […]

Photo provided by Comedy Central

Maximize Your Election Night With The Daily Show & The Colbert Report

Not enough election hullabaloo to grab your attention tonight? Then you probably didn’t know that Comedy Central is providing non-stop political action to tickle your funny bone. That’s right! Two […]


The Must Follow List For All Things Election 2012

Tomorrow is Election Day. Across the nation a hundred million Americans will choose senators and representatives, define their states laws (Colorado and Washington could legalize marijuana, while Maryland, Washington, Maine […]


Election 2012: GIF’s Gone Crazy

The last few weeks (Months? Years?) have been filled with Presidential Election hoopla. Intense mechanic phone messages from Congress, degrading commercials and propaganda aside, Serial Optimist is here to save […]

Photo by Robbie Jeffers

SO Much Love: Nathan Barnatt Always Works It

Nathan Barnatt is just one of our favorite all around people, and it’s not just because we think he’s a must follow on Instagram. His all around BEING is just […]


This Is What You Need To Know About Comedy In April

Every attempt at government eventually comes to a point of being a forest of thousands of shouting voices, any single voice indistinguishable from the other. Comedy is not a form […]

Barack Obama Photos Offer Fashion & Life Advice In Two Words