Allen Strickland Williams: A Man We LOVE

Allen Strickland Williams. Our Funny, Florida friend. He’s one fourth of the sketch group WOMEN and a stand-up comic in LA. He has a one-liner style of comedy that he delivers with great timing. He’s really funny and a really good guy. You can pick up on both of those things in the following interview. So, let’s not waste any more time! Read this one twice with the lovely Allen Strickland Williams and double your laugh out loud’s!

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Serial Optimist’s ’10 Comedians You Must Know’ In 2013

2013 is sure to have its share of unexpected success stories and breakout performances in the comedy arena. However, we here at SO would like to make some predictions and point out those stand-ups that we deem regular shoe-ins for esteemed recognition in the new year. It’s true a lot of these comedians have been around the block a few of times. However, 2013 is looking mighty bright for their bustling careers and gosh do they deserve time in the spotlight this year. So read on to find out if your favorite comedian made our list. If not, you may cry in the corner silently.

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This Is What You Need To Know About Comedy In December

Well, with both 2012 and December 2012 officially over, it’s safe to say, according to me, that comedy gave a damn fine finish to the year. Plenty of deals were made, plenty of things worth watching and laughing at aired/were uploaded, and there was no one getting offended in a big hissy fit over what someone said on stage, the Internet, movies, and TV. Well, certain people are getting up in arms about the language in Django Unchained, but there’s no helping getting offended over a word in the proper context that’s completely removed from them.

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LA Podcast Festival Preview

This weekend kicks off the First Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival. Oct 12-14 the city of Santa Monica will welcome podcasters from near and far to the confines of the lovely Sheraton Delfina hotel and Santa Monica High School’s Barnum Hall. In addition to live podcasts there will be a standup show, podcasting panels, meet and greets, parties and, well, buckets of laughter! On the roster of podcasts that will be recording are Doug Loves Movies, Aisha Tyler’s Girl on Guy, Fitzdog Radio, Comedy Film Nerds, Jimmy Pardo’s Never Not Funny, Jackie Kashian’s The Dork Forest, Harmontown, the Proopcast and more!

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Get To Know Will Weldon Before Everyone Else Does (Which Will Be…Anytime Now)

You might as well surrender now because you are no match for “babyface” Weldon. He will win you over with his twinkly gaze and razor sharp wit. A transplant from the land of hockey and poutine, Will Weldon is making his mark on the LA comedy scene. His comedy style is reminiscent of Woody Allen, only much less whiney. Will has performed at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Seattle Comedy Competition and is a regular at the Hollywood Improv. He’s had several TV and commercial roles and will be winning audiences over at Riot LA and the San Francisco Comedy and Burrito Festival. PLEASE be sure to check out his Bill Burr impression as well because it is priceless! Johnny Pemberton step aside because there’s a new kid in town and he means business.

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