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Artist Feature: Nicholas Lockyer

London based artist Nicholas Lockyer’s work explores death, popular culture, trash cinema, spiritualism and primitivism. The work is intentionally uncanny as images that we know well are morphed and disfigured […]


Lucy Dodds ‘Travel Beyond Leisure’

Lucy Dodds is a super talented and enthusiastic graphic design student from Chelmsford Essex. She plays in many mediums but focuses mainly on digital art and collage. Her project Travel […]


Nice Job: Lucy Knott

Lucy Knott is an aspiring photo creator and has recently gained her BA within Photography. During her final year at university Lucy focused on bringing archived imagery back to life. Focusing […]


Artist Submission: Rodrigo Arteaga

Rodrigo Arteaga is visual artist with an emphasis on science. He studied printmaking at the University of Chile, but on the side he was studying the easy stuff like anatomy, […]


Artist Submission: Laura Redburn

Laura Redburn is a 25-year-old collage (and mixed media) artist currently living in Cardiff, Wales. Color, animals, nature, old films, science fiction, dreams and vivid imagination inspire her. She likes […]


Artist Feature: Tyler Varsell

Tyler Varsell is a 23-year-old collage and mixed media artist from Connecticut. Her work is inspired by vintage imagery, 50s/60s culture, and the changing American ideal: particularly themes of consumption, […]


Artist Submission: Jordan Clark

Jordan Clark started making digital collages first for fun, something he stumbled onto while taking a computer arts class, but then got hooked. “I am constantly on the computer looking […]


The Beautiful Madness of Claudio Parentela

It has been fun going back and forth with artist Claudio Parentela. Mostly because his passion for his work is off the charts and energetic (as is his work), but […]


Artist Feature: Catharine Maloney

When looking at Catharine Maloney’s work, you see a bit of album cover mixed with collage mixed with star trek-esque awkward family portraits. I doubt any of that was the […]


Artist Feature: Sammy Slabbinck

What started of as a bit of fun, making cartoons and postcards, evolved into creating well-balanced and sometimes humorous snapshots of a forgotten world bursting with color and filled with images of […]


Artist Submission: George Teseleanu

A Romanian collage artist, George Teseleanu is inspired by surreal ideas. He usually explores the human condition and transformations that occur during a humans evolution. Most of his works are in black […]


Collage Artist Hollie Chastain

Hollie Chastain is a full-time found paper and collage artist in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A creative spirit and early interest in art led to dabbling in watercolor, pottery, and glass before […]

Artist Feature: Matt Shaw

Chicago based collage and illustration artist Matt Shaw does design work on the side. His main gig? Playing gigs in his band The Spend. Its just been over the past […]

Artist Feature: Jesse Draxler

  St. Paul, MN artist, but soon be Los Angeles, CA artist Jesse Draxler is an illustrator, designer, and collage artist. Just over the past three years his work has […]