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Thug Life: An Interview With Moshe Kasher

Hmmm…what words immediately come to mind when describing this talented comedian/writer/actor? Engaging, astute, tawdry, vulnerable, charming, pornographic, hairy and funny are just some descriptions that come to mind. Moshe Kasher […]

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The Always Funny & Fresh To Death James Adomian

James Adomian is one of my favorite people in this whole wide world of ours. I never miss an opportunity to see him perform live because at each performance I […]


Interview With Alex J. Mann

Alex J. Mann is writer/director/comedian living in New York City. He’s the creator of “Conversations with a Twitter Feed” (, a web series featuring comedians chatting with Twitter feeds that’s […]


It’s Time You Know Matt Kirshen

Comedian Matt Kirshen might have boyish good looks, but he is a true comedy veteran with a resume that includes Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson, a finalist on […]


VINE On The Climb: Comedy Style

Can the latest “IT” app in social media be used effectively in comedy? The answer is an emphatic YES. Check out five of our favorite comedians pressing the boundaries of […]


Get Comfy With ‘Comedy Living Room’

If the question “Where can I go to just get my chill on, fill my belly and have some pure, unadulterated laughs on a weekday in Los Angeles?” has ever […]

Funny Business | Mock Up Cover

Photographer Seth Olenick Brings Us ‘Funny Business’

Have you been wishing for a swanky hardbound coffee table book teaming with your favorite comedy stars? You know you want to earn that comedy junkie cred you crave so […]


CommuniCon Review

The “Alternative History of the German Invasion” episode was my favorite episode of the “Community’” Season 4 to date. Study room wars with Germans, the return of Chang stricken with […]


Matt And Kim Documentary Style

It is so sweet to finally see the adrenaline-packed indie rock duo, Matt and Kim, finally getting the recognition they deserve. I’ve been hearing their tunes blasted on local radio […]


CommuniCon Is Upon Us!

CommuniCon is here! CommuniCon is here! The first ever convention for “Community” fans is upon us. The event has been planned to coincide with the Feb 7 airing of Season […]

TJ Miller

T.J. Miller Getting His 100K On Like A Baller

So he finally did it. “Mash Up” creator and loveable comedian T.J. Miller surpassed his 100k follower goal. And as a token of his gratitude T.J. has been promising that […]


Bonnaroo Foreplay

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube] As if the messages have not been cryptic enough, Bonnaroo 2013 has continued its grand tease with a message from the Grand Puba of Strange, Weird Al. Our […]


SO Looking Forward To: She & Him ‘Volume 3’

As if that workhorse Zooey Deschanel hasn’t accomplished enough, She & Him will be releasing their third studio album of original material with Merge Records this spring. Volume 3 will be […]


A Fond Farewell To ’30 Rock’

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube] I don’t know about you but I’m ready to plop myself down next to a box of lotion facial tissues and a glass of dessert wine as […]