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The Great Unwashed

I won’t go into Tzu-chi YEH’s portfolio or background too much. I’ll just say the guy has been making unreal art for over 25 years, and is well respected worldwide. […]

Levi van Veluw | Origin of the Beginning

  Artist Levi van Veluw has created three “rooms” covered with more than 30,000 wooden blocks, balls and slats. Each “room” is executed as a life-size installation. Portrayed in one […]

A “Little” Disparity

The miniature stories or little people projects has been popping up quite a bit as of late. But you can’t tell me you’re sick of it. I look at this form […]

Creative Laboratory

Mixed media artists Angelo Bramanti and Giuseppe Siracusa make up L017. They are creative thinkers who prefer the use of waste materials and recycled objects. They use any type of […]

Max Huber | Timeless Graphic Design

Such great inspiration can be found in a lot of the old masters of outstanding graphic design. And the work of Max Huber is no exception. Swiss graphic designer Max Huber (1919-1992) […]

Hope Gangloff Drawings

New York artist Hope Gangloff’s portraits display a kind of effortlessness. Gangloff paints a quiet quasi-realism, capturing the moods of her subjects—friends, typically—by emphasizing line, gesture, and facial expression. If that […]

High Style Threading

Photographer and artist Inge Jacobsen is currently a student at Kingston University. Inge did her first year in Fine Arts at Kingston before deciding that photography was the direction she […]

Superheroes of Modernity Meet Superheroes of Pop Culture

Dimitris Polychroniadis is an Athens, Greece Architect and Scenographer. He studied at the University of Greenwich with a BA in Architecture as well as a Masters in Urban Design. He […]

Artist Feature: Jesse Draxler

  St. Paul, MN artist, but soon be Los Angeles, CA artist Jesse Draxler is an illustrator, designer, and collage artist. Just over the past three years his work has […]

Panda Bears, Maps, & Sketches: Jose Romussi

I can’t tell you anything about this artist. His name his Jose Ignacio Romussi Murphy. So actually, I can tell you that. He plays in many mediums: colors on papers […]

Artist Feature: Pierre Botardo

Brooklyn via Virginia artist Pierre Botardo creates collage work that screams raw emotion and rebellion in a way that doesn’t seem rude or out of angst, but on a personal […]

Cutting, Sticking & Scribbling: Kieron Cropper

27 year old, Brighton, UK collage artist Kieron Cropper creates work that is influenced by science fiction, music, astronomy, woodland creatures, B-movies, and occult imagery. He is involved in the […]

Artist Feature: James Gallagher

Brooklyn artist James Gallagher uses collage to investigate human form and personal identity. Piecing together images cut from discarded books, forgotten issues of National Geographic, and the occasional vintage sex-manual, […]

Project 12:31

Texas murderer Joseph Paul Jernigan was executed by lethal injection on August 5, 1993 at 12:31 am. His cadaver was sectioned and photographed for the Visible Human Project, a digital […]