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By Erica Rose Levine

Bet You Can’t Do This With A Pencil: Erica Rose Levine

Thanks to “Bad Jokes. Worse Drawings.” you know I’m great at drawing. And by that I mean I have the artistic skills of a 4th grade, underachieving boy. Here’s someone […]

Posters by Sign-Feld

Sign-Feld Doing ‘Seinfeld’ Pretty

Really in love with the simplistic and perfectly “Seinfeld” quote-curated posters over at Sign-Feld. Nice design plus some of the best “Seinfeld” quotes equals a great addition to any space […]

The Fur Rises by Jenny Parks


WOW! So in love with the super fun art by Jenny Parks. Jenny is a scientific illustrator and a “shameless nerd,” which makes her pretty much shoot to the top […]


Give Life Back To Music

Gerrel Saunders, aka Gaks, is a ridiculously talented multi-disciplinary graphic designer and illustrator out of Trinidad and Tobago. He considers himself a “Master Vector Ninja” (no doubt!) with his primary […]


Courtney Miles Is Beautifully Here

We are big fans of Courtney Miles. She is one of our favorite artists, and was the “must see” at our art show last year. Luckily for the people of […]


An In-Depth Conversation With BORBAY

A lot of artists put up a front, or try to label themselves. Some want to be known only as starving, and selling anything would be selling out. Some look […]

Photo by Leigh Righton

Photographer Feature & Interview: Leigh Righton

Respecting and making a connection with both her subject and and its environment are two of the fundamental keys to Leigh Righton’s ability to create imagery with her impact. The […]

Artist Feature: Matt Shaw

Chicago based collage and illustration artist Matt Shaw does design work on the side. His main gig? Playing gigs in his band The Spend. Its just been over the past […]

Alex Queral Phone Book Art

Alex Queral was born in Havana, Cuba in 1958. His family migrated to Mexico and then to Miami, Florida when he was a young boy. He received a B.F.A. from […]

The Great Unwashed

I won’t go into Tzu-chi YEH’s portfolio or background too much. I’ll just say the guy has been making unreal art for over 25 years, and is well respected worldwide. […]

Levi van Veluw | Origin of the Beginning

  Artist Levi van Veluw has created three “rooms” covered with more than 30,000 wooden blocks, balls and slats. Each “room” is executed as a life-size installation. Portrayed in one […]

A “Little” Disparity

The miniature stories or little people projects has been popping up quite a bit as of late. But you can’t tell me you’re sick of it. I look at this form […]

Creative Laboratory

Mixed media artists Angelo Bramanti and Giuseppe Siracusa make up L017. They are creative thinkers who prefer the use of waste materials and recycled objects. They use any type of […]

Max Huber | Timeless Graphic Design

Such great inspiration can be found in a lot of the old masters of outstanding graphic design. And the work of Max Huber is no exception. Swiss graphic designer Max Huber (1919-1992) […]